Monthly Archives: August 2011

Playing with Patterns Today!

So today I decided to play with patterns when putting my outfit together.

I’m pairing my gray & orange diagonal stripe MOTH sweater with my favorite Navajo print scarf. This combination works because both of the prints are within the same color scheme. The orange stripes pull out the orange from within the southwestern motif of the scarf while the dark denim blends with the navy. Gray leather boots balance the alternating gray stripes in the sweater and complete this ensemble.

Even though both of these pieces are bold…they blend together. What do you think?


The Universe is my Inspiration

Outfit ideas honestly pop into my head at the most random times. For instance, on a recent trip back to Minnesota, I was inspired while walking through the Chicago Midway airport corridor. I’m pretty sure the people passing by thought I was crazy taking pictures of the pictures that lined the walls of the passageway…but oh well, I had an idea. The Adler Planetarium exhibition showed snapshots of the universe – which I happen to find astonishing (along with fireworks and sea creatures). This photo in particular caught my eye.

The unique color combination of the light green and orange in the ‘dumbo ears’ display gave me the idea of a similar combination I have in my closet.

Hence, I combined my Free People high-low graphic top that has a gray body with orange raglan sleeves layered over and ivory lace camisole with my BDG light green subtly printed skinny jeans. I accessorized the look with my pounded stone necklace that is similar in color to the denim…and wa la, my universe-inspired outfit.

Inspiration can come at the oddest of times – always be open to it and always embrace it…you never know what you’ll come up with.

I’m going to the planetarium on my next day off…who’s coming with me?

My Recent Free People Find

I generally don’t wear dresses very often…but I couldn’t pass up this hidden treasure I recently found on the sale rack at the Free People boutique.

The flowing silk fabric and tiered asymmetric ruffle hem gives this dress feminine feel. The contrasting red seam around the neckline makes the tiny specks of red throughout the dark floral print stand-out. The one shoulder cut-out shows a little peak of skin while the cognac leather belt I added at the waist gives shape to this dress that naturally falls a bit blousy. I completed the look with an ivory enamel geometric necklace, forearm cuff and hands full of rings to accessorize.

$17.00 well spent!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

Saturdays are such a long day for me. I leave home early in the morning to work at my first job – as a sales associate at the store Anthropologie through mid-afternoon before going to my second job – a hostess at the bar/restaurant Public House. Needless to say, what I wear to the retail store at 10:00am and what I want to wear to the bar at 10:00pm are two different outfits. I don’t have time to go home and change between the two so I have to come up with a daytime outfit that I can transition into night without having to carry along a lot of additional baggage.

For example: Last week to work in the morning I wore my light blue silk slip dress with lace inset layered under a lightweight beige cardigan tucked into ivory high-wasted shorts. Layered diamond, gold, and jade pendant necklaces, chandelier earrings ruby cocktail ring added an antique touch.  Brown leather sandals with lace inset ties in with the lace detailing of the top and are easy for me to run around in.

At night, I took off the shorts and wore the slip as a dress layered over another and I slipped on a pair of floral print wedges to fit in with all the other girls in 5 inch platform heels (which are surprisingly comfortable as well).

So there you have it, that’s my 14 hour work day – 2 separate outfits with only 1 major change…thankfully I didn’t spill my morning coffee on myself.

Have a wonderful day!

Wardrobe Must-Have: Colored Denim

Colored denim is a huge fashion trend you can’t miss out on right now. It’s been in-style all summer long and now we are seeing the color choices get richer as we transition into fall. Spring and summer styles offered us soft & light colors such as pastel pink and mint green (both pairs of which I own).

This fall we are seeing the shades of dye get brighter & deeper and we are no longer limiting this trend to denim…corduroy’s are adding color as well.

Colored denim can be found at any price point from Forever 21 to premium designer denim. It is a must-have in your closet so you can play around with another exciting trend we are seeing right now: Color-Blocking (another upcoming topic I’ll be blogging about).

What colors of denim do you have in your closet?