Creative Closet Solutions

If you’re like me and have to see everything you own in order to wear it then you might run out of room in your closet – just like I have. But there’s no need to cram and condense all of your clothing into the tight space – just get creative!

My co-workers at Anthropologie know that nothing annoys to me than tangled hangers. And it makes no sense having hangers in your closet with nothing on them – so keep them straight and stack them with a hanger stacker. It’s an inexpensive, easy fix to store hangers when you are not using them and keeps them from turning into a jumbled mess.

I recently moved and had to downsize from a walk-in closet. This means I have to make the most of the space you have – instead of lining all of your boots/shoes along the floor, double stack them to condense and display. I also use hanging shoe organizers that store up to 10 pairs of shoes vertically.

Shower curtain hooks (S-hooks) are a great way to hang and display belts and handbags. Individually hang them so you can see what you own and don’t have to take them all down just to get at the one you want to wear.

Key rings work well to display scarves. Show off your beautiful assortment and be inspired to accessorize with them. You could even create a display with them on your wall at home; then when you are not wearing them the colorful fabric can act as artwork.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to think about how your closet is merchandized. If you have any questions or would like advice on what to do with your space, please let me know!


One response to “Creative Closet Solutions

  1. those are great tips..thanks :]

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