DIY – Resurfaced TV Trays

I received two TV trays from a friend that was moving to add to my furniture collection. The stained wood make-shift table tops were showing their signs of wear-and-tear so I recently decided to give them a face-lift.  Instead of giving them a fresh layer of stain, I decided to cover them in a thoughtful mix of old sheet music – including lullabies and Beethoven.

I randomly pasted the sheet music to my trays and sealed it with a coat of protectant. The result is more amazing than I even imagined.

I love looking at the flowing movement of the notes across the sheets while reading the meaningful message of the lyrics. The variations of shades in the sheet music gives it an age-old feel…like they have been around forever – and that they will be, at least in my furniture collection.

I Dream of You


I dream of you, more than you dream I do.

how can I prove to you this love is real?

You’re mean to me more than you mean to be

you just can’t seem to see the way I feel,


When I am close to you,

the world is far away

the words that fill my heart

my lips can’t seem to say!


I love you so,

More than you’ll ever know

More than you dream I do

I dream of you!


2 responses to “DIY – Resurfaced TV Trays

  1. Thanks for helping out, excellent info .

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