My New Wardrobe Obsession – The Eye Dazzler Scarf

The Eye Dazzler Scarf from Anthropoligie is a recent addition to my scarf collection…and its style name is the perfect fit – it is an eye dazzler! The vibrant mix of navy, ivory, orange and tan creates a striking Southwestern motif while the luxe gauzy texture adds an alluring feel.

Even though this fabric piece comes with a prominent price tag the options this decorative swatch provides is overwhelming. Check out all of the different ways I can wear my favorite new accessory…

1. Draped as a shawl

2. As a scarf necklace

3. Knotted

4. Wrapped and gathered

5. As a swim cover-up

6. As a wrap skirt

7. As a cowl-neck halter top

8. As a head wrap

9. Heaven for bid I ever get sick of wearing it, but if I do it can be used as a table cloth…

What is your favorite way the scarf is worn? Let me know what you think!


One response to “My New Wardrobe Obsession – The Eye Dazzler Scarf

  1. I like wearing the scarf as a swim cover up. I used to take hula classes so I have a bunch of sarongs, which are kind of like really big scarves. I wore them as a skirt around my house during the summer. Free People also did a video on different ways to wear their scarves. My favorite version was when they wrapped it in the girls braid.

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