DIY – Fabric Chain Headband

I try to think of myself as a crafty individual and recreate things I like on my own. Awhile back I was inspired by the Interlock Printed Chiffon Headband I saw at Free People ($28.00). I could have gone out and bought it…but instead, I decided to make it myself.

I bought a double-linked gold chain necklace from Forever 21 (which actually allowed me to make several headbands), compiled fabric pieces from my random remnants tote (lots of options in there), super glue, and two elastic hair ties.

***Note: Never throw out old fabric.  Patterns and textures that you like you will find a use for them some day. I save shirts that I love but don’t fit anymore, printed pillow cases, you name it; I guarantee you’ll find a project you can use it for…and I may even give you an idea or two.***

With needle nose pliers, I separated the chain links and reconnected them to the appropriate length that fit around my head comfortably. I attached the chain links to two intertwined hair ties to give it a little stretch. Then, I wrapped each chain link with a colorful strip of fabric and secured it with super glue.

After a couple hours of relaxing arts & crafts time, I had a finished fabric chain head piece that looked just like the one I saw at Free People…and several fingers stuck together.


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