Happy Saturday!!!

Saturdays are such a long day for me. I leave home early in the morning to work at my first job – as a sales associate at the store Anthropologie through mid-afternoon before going to my second job – a hostess at the bar/restaurant Public House. Needless to say, what I wear to the retail store at 10:00am and what I want to wear to the bar at 10:00pm are two different outfits. I don’t have time to go home and change between the two so I have to come up with a daytime outfit that I can transition into night without having to carry along a lot of additional baggage.

For example: Last week to work in the morning I wore my light blue silk slip dress with lace inset layered under a lightweight beige cardigan tucked into ivory high-wasted shorts. Layered diamond, gold, and jade pendant necklaces, chandelier earrings ruby cocktail ring added an antique touch.  Brown leather sandals with lace inset ties in with the lace detailing of the top and are easy for me to run around in.

At night, I took off the shorts and wore the slip as a dress layered over another and I slipped on a pair of floral print wedges to fit in with all the other girls in 5 inch platform heels (which are surprisingly comfortable as well).

So there you have it, that’s my 14 hour work day – 2 separate outfits with only 1 major change…thankfully I didn’t spill my morning coffee on myself.

Have a wonderful day!


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