The Universe is my Inspiration

Outfit ideas honestly pop into my head at the most random times. For instance, on a recent trip back to Minnesota, I was inspired while walking through the Chicago Midway airport corridor. I’m pretty sure the people passing by thought I was crazy taking pictures of the pictures that lined the walls of the passageway…but oh well, I had an idea. The Adler Planetarium exhibition showed snapshots of the universe – which I happen to find astonishing (along with fireworks and sea creatures). This photo in particular caught my eye.

The unique color combination of the light green and orange in the ‘dumbo ears’ display gave me the idea of a similar combination I have in my closet.

Hence, I combined my Free People high-low graphic top that has a gray body with orange raglan sleeves layered over and ivory lace camisole with my BDG light green subtly printed skinny jeans. I accessorized the look with my pounded stone necklace that is similar in color to the denim…and wa la, my universe-inspired outfit.

Inspiration can come at the oddest of times – always be open to it and always embrace it…you never know what you’ll come up with.

I’m going to the planetarium on my next day off…who’s coming with me?


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