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So Many Ways to Wear this Strapless Dress

This Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe SISTER taupe tiered crochet lace strapless dress is one of my favorites; but in all honesty, how often do you really get the opportunity to wear a crochet strapless dress in your everyday life?

Look #1: Worn as a strapless dress, a black belt defines the waist so your shape does not get lost in the tiers of crochet. Layered  pearls, gold chains and a jade pendant add to the vintage romantic-inspired look.

For me at least, not so often – so to increase the wear of the strapless dress; I pulled it down, paired it with a sweater and wear it as a skirt.

Look #2: The strapless dress worn around the waist is combined with a matching taupe lightweight sweater to create a monochromatic outfit.

Look #3: Again, worn as a mid-length tiered skirt and topped with an ivory sweater.  An elegant burgundy metallic scarf and corresponding burgundy patent flats accessorize the look.

Items with an elasticized waistband are most often the easiest pieces to pull up & down and wear as both a skirt & a dress.  This instantly doubles the number of times you can wear it and diversifies the outfits you can create with it. Do you have a piece of clothing in your closet you can do this with? I would love to hear from you!


Fashion Over Food

It has now been four full months since moving into my new place and I have come to realize that there are still two things I have not done.

  1. Sit down and eat a meal at my dining room table.
  2. Unpack my box of hats and handbags because I haven’t found a place to put them.

Solution – Get rid of the table and invest in a way to display my hats and handbags.

I am a very visual person and like to see what I own in order to use it. Since I no longer use my table for eating (just to throw things on and store things under) I gave it to a friend and bought a Victorian-inspired cast iron coat rack.

The vertical fixture shows off and stores my accessories allowing me to see what I have and wear it. Do you have creative solution to store your clothing, shoes or accessories that don’t necessarily fit into your closet?



One of the questions I ask clients during a Personal Style Assessment is – If you had to wear apparel from only one designer for the rest of your life, what label would it be? I feel the answer gives a good insight on the person’s true personal style – their choice shows whether they prefer simplistic or dramatic designs, athletic or avant-garde silhouettes, basic or eccentric styles.

My answer to the question would no doubtedly be Missoni. Absolutely everything about the line is a reflection of my personal style.

The Italian fashion house was founded in 1953. It is famous for its unique knitwear, created in an array of characteristic prints such as strips, geometrics, abstract floral, and the most recognizable zig-zag pattern. The line is liberal with its use of many different fabrics and kaleidoscope of colors.

My love of creating unique outfits by cleverly combing colors and mixing juxtaposing patterns & textures is parallel to a lot of the looks at the core of the Missoni clothing line. Here are a couple pieces from my wardrobe that are “Missoni-inspired”. Someday I will own the real thing…a lot of it!

Quintessential zig-zag pattern and rayon blend dress

Another zig-zag & rayon maxi

Again, the standout swimwear has a zig-zag pattern and unique material

My most meaningful “Missoni-ish” piece is this multi-color zig-zag crochet wrap. My mother hand made it for me after I was inspired by an afgan I found at home and my love of Missoni. Her talent and dedication constantly amazes me…and provides me with a closet full of one-of-a-kind goodies! Thanks Mom!

So… If you had to wear apparel from only one designer for the rest of your life, what label would it be?

Go Bears!!!

Sports jerseys aren’t really my style – but I still like to show my support.

To cheer on the Chicago Bears today have decided to wear this orange and navy color-blocked outfit to work. Not exactly the traditional game day apparel that everyone else will be wearing at the bar…but definitely more my way of saying GO BEARS!

Ode to My Scarves

Scarves are by far my favorite accessory.  During a recent discussion with my coworker Rita, she referred to them as “necksessories” – which is the perfect nickname!

The convenient cloth swatches range everywhere within the beautiful spectrum of color and patterns.

They are made in an array of luxurious materials including delicately spun silk, gauzy linen, soft cotton and intricately knotted crochet.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from thin strips of fabric, to large rectangular shawls, to never-ending infinity wraps.

Their functions span from adding the decorative finishing touch to an outfit to keeping you cozy when the weather is cold.

The ways they can be worn are limitless making them the most versatile accessory in any collection.

Scarves truly are the perfect accessory and an addition to my outfits nearly every day.

What is your favorite accessory?