The Place I Currently Call Home

I’m a homebody at heart so it is important for me to personalize the space I spend so much time in. With living in several generic apartments throughout Chicago it is always essential for me to make it feel like home…whether it’s a studio within a stairwell or one room in a high-rise. Here are a few personal touches I made to my place when I moved in to reflect my personality.

Paint & Pins

I almost had an anxiety attack when I walked into my new place in June and all of the walls were bright white – I hate white. Painting is the easiest thing you can do to change the look of a space. Sure the hours of labor are exhausting, but the outcome is always worth it. With my current place I decided on two light pink focal walls with my flock of birds painted in the corner and ivory surrounding walls – again, I hate white. Hardware is another small investment that adds the perfect personal finishing touch. I switch out all of my knobs for the length of my lease to make the apartment feel like my own, then simple switch them back when I move out.

My 'Bedroom': 1 E Scott Street, Chicago, IL


My favorite part about my new place is the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to downtown Chicago. Right away when I saw it, I envisioned a wall of lace draping across the windows. Luckily, I found the perfect white lace panels at IKEA; my mother and I tea-dyed the fabric to give them a vintage effect – and because again, I hate white. During the day the lace lets enough light shine in so that I wake up with the morning sun. At night, I go to bed looking at the city building lights shining and feel so happy and blessed that I am where I am. For the three months I’ve lived here I have yet to shut my shades – I hope my neighbors aren’t creepers.

My 'Living Room': 1 E Scott Street, Chicago, IL

When I recently found this patchwork print area rug at Anthropologie I knew it belonged in my place. The colorful pieced-together carpet square is the statement piece that ties everything in my apartment together. Not only is the Technicolor rug the essence of my personal style, but it was steal as well (originally a $298 rug, I got it for $46).

My 'Living Room': 1 E Scott Street, Chicago, IL

Mixing-and-matching colors & patterns is a principle within personal style. Some people may walk into my place and feel overwhelmed with all of the colors & shapes; I come home and feel comfortable & relaxed within my mixed-up place.

Does your personal space truly reflect your personal style?


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