Happy Friday Everyone

Today is my day off and I’ve decided it is the perfect day to put away my summer sundresses for the year and unpack my cozy knits. It is very important to always keep your closet full of things that you currently wear. Since unfortunately, I will not be wearing my lightweight linen and jean shorts for the next 9 months there is no need for them to be taking up space in my closet – lord knows I need all the room I can get.

As exhausting as it is to go through everything you have, seasonal switches are the perfect time to go through and edit your clothing to see what you want to keep, what you need to fix, and what you should to get rid of – do this as you store your summer stuff and take out your winter wear; there is no need to save it till next year if you’re never going to wear it again or have it in your closet if you are not going to choose it.

Here is the task I have before me…it’s actually kind of exciting unpacking the bins that have been stored away for months. Pulling out each sweater is like purchasing it for the first time – there is a feeling of anticipation for when I get to wear it – dare I say it actually makes me look forward to the weather getting colder?

Wish me luck.


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