Ode to My Scarves

Scarves are by far my favorite accessory.  During a recent discussion with my coworker Rita, she referred to them as “necksessories” – which is the perfect nickname!

The convenient cloth swatches range everywhere within the beautiful spectrum of color and patterns.

They are made in an array of luxurious materials including delicately spun silk, gauzy linen, soft cotton and intricately knotted crochet.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from thin strips of fabric, to large rectangular shawls, to never-ending infinity wraps.

Their functions span from adding the decorative finishing touch to an outfit to keeping you cozy when the weather is cold.

The ways they can be worn are limitless making them the most versatile accessory in any collection.

Scarves truly are the perfect accessory and an addition to my outfits nearly every day.

What is your favorite accessory?


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