One of the questions I ask clients during a Personal Style Assessment is – If you had to wear apparel from only one designer for the rest of your life, what label would it be? I feel the answer gives a good insight on the person’s true personal style – their choice shows whether they prefer simplistic or dramatic designs, athletic or avant-garde silhouettes, basic or eccentric styles.

My answer to the question would no doubtedly be Missoni. Absolutely everything about the line is a reflection of my personal style.

The Italian fashion house was founded in 1953. It is famous for its unique knitwear, created in an array of characteristic prints such as strips, geometrics, abstract floral, and the most recognizable zig-zag pattern. The line is liberal with its use of many different fabrics and kaleidoscope of colors.

My love of creating unique outfits by cleverly combing colors and mixing juxtaposing patterns & textures is parallel to a lot of the looks at the core of the Missoni clothing line. Here are a couple pieces from my wardrobe that are “Missoni-inspired”. Someday I will own the real thing…a lot of it!

Quintessential zig-zag pattern and rayon blend dress

Another zig-zag & rayon maxi

Again, the standout swimwear has a zig-zag pattern and unique material

My most meaningful “Missoni-ish” piece is this multi-color zig-zag crochet wrap. My mother hand made it for me after I was inspired by an afgan I found at home and my love of Missoni. Her talent and dedication constantly amazes me…and provides me with a closet full of one-of-a-kind goodies! Thanks Mom!

So… If you had to wear apparel from only one designer for the rest of your life, what label would it be?


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