Fashion Over Food

It has now been four full months since moving into my new place and I have come to realize that there are still two things I have not done.

  1. Sit down and eat a meal at my dining room table.
  2. Unpack my box of hats and handbags because I haven’t found a place to put them.

Solution – Get rid of the table and invest in a way to display my hats and handbags.

I am a very visual person and like to see what I own in order to use it. Since I no longer use my table for eating (just to throw things on and store things under) I gave it to a friend and bought a Victorian-inspired cast iron coat rack.

The vertical fixture shows off and stores my accessories allowing me to see what I have and wear it. Do you have creative solution to store your clothing, shoes or accessories that don’t necessarily fit into your closet?



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