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Patchwork & Petunias

I must admit – I am pretty excited about this creative combination I recently came up with. Remember how I mentioned that all of the things I buy just seem to fit right in to my wardrobe…well, that applies to my new Jeffrey Campbell pieced leather Vaudeville Ophelia Platform “shoebooties” I got from Free People. I almost always melt at the sight of anything that has patchwork (soon to come in a Spotlight blog) and end up pulling out my wallet. Here is my first of many outfits with my latest shoe obsession.

I love everything about this look…

  • I love how the look contradicts itself with the classic silhouette & matronly floral print dress paired with the eccentric 5-inch platforms.
  • I love how all of the colors within the shoe blend perfectly with garden print of the sheath; in addition to how the mauve opaque tights I wear match the belt around the waist.
  • I love how the triangle shape within the ivory enamel necklace corresponds with the triangular pieced leather of the shoe.
  • I love how the shoes add an unexpected funky element to the otherwise mature look.
  • I love how intimidating these shoes look, but how surprisingly comfortable they are – yes, it’s true – for being a 2-inch platform and 5-inch heel they are shockingly comfy (justified by the fact that I ran around work in them for 8 hours last night).

I would love to hear about a pair of heels that add a “wow” factor to one of your outfits…


My New Coral Crop Top

I’m generally not one for cropped tops but I did gravitate toward this one when I recently spotted it at the Free People boutique in Chicago. Maybe it is my love of floral prints that drew me to the poppy pattern top, or my new found obsession for the color coral (I swear I’ve bought more coral tops in the past few months than I’ve owned my entire life), or the way the delicate sheer short shirt falls off the shoulder and asymmetric high hem creates an polished look that seems so effortless. Whatever it is, this top how found it’s place in my collection, and I must say, it’s holding its own in terms of outfitting. Check out the several different ways I styled to crop top in completely different ways.

 The coral top is tucked into a pair of brown high-waisted, wide-leg cords. I love how the delicate sheer silk contradicts the coarse corduroy it is combined with.

Trend Alert – Color Blocking! This time I tucked the coral shirt into a pair of olive green high-waisted wool shorts. I’d accessorize with a pair of ivory patterned tights to keep my legs covered from the cold and finishd it off with fur lined brown leather booties. I’m definately identifying with the higher waistbands for bottoms and corresponding shorter hems for shirts this season (it also makes it easier to tuck them into each other without adding extra bulk).

This casual look shows of the shortness of the shirt. Simply paired with some dark denim this look appears both polished & effortless and shows off a feminine shape.

For this look, I tucked the shirt into a brown tweed A-line skirt. If you noticed, I turned the shirt around and wore it backwards because I did not want the two pockets on the shirt to compete with the pockets on the skirt. I accessorized it with a wooden/lace necklace I made & olive upholstry tassel and paired it with some ivory eyelet lace shoebooties that mimick the poppy pattern that is within the top.

Which way is your favorite? Can you think of any other ways the crop top can be styled?

Recreate The Look: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has a very classic personal style. She always looks polished and put together and her ensembles often appear effortless. I recently saw this photo of her in a magazine and decided to recreate her outfit from clothing out of my own closet.

Now for the Look-a-Like…

Elements of the look:

GAP camel wool jacket

Banana Republic white button-down shirt

Levis dark denim skinny jeans

Steve Madden cognac leather pumps

Spotlight: Floral Prints

I recently took a step back and looked at my clothing collection as a whole. It is interesting…and amusing to see that some certain elements are so abundant within my collection. My Spotlight: Southwestern Style post opened up the idea for me to look at the other similarities within my personal style. I feel I have gathered a good sense on my fashion likes & dislikes when it comes to colors, patterns, fabrics and silhouettes. Every time I come home with a new wardrobe addition it always amazes me how perfectly my new piece fits into what I currently own and how easily it is to instantly come up with at least 5 ways to wear it.

Today I am focusing on all of the floral print that seems to flourish from my closet. Maybe it stems from growing up on a farm with a huge garden, or my mother’s love of gardening and always having flowers in the house growing up…whatever it is, something continues to draw my eye to the beautiful creation – even when it comes to the design on clothing.

Check out the beautiful floral arrangement of clothing within my current collection.

Free People floral print silk top with black lace back

Anthropologie daisy print perforated sweater

Free People coral poppy print silk crop top

Anthropologie black velvet burn-out floral blouse

Free People floral print tunic

Anthropologie navy watercolor floral print silk blouse

Free People pleated floral print silk tank top

Free People floral print high-low silk tank top

Urban Outfitters floral print silk dress

Anthropologie garden dress

Free People floral print silk maxi dress

Urban Outfitters floral print silk robe

Anthropolgie floral fedora

Urban Outfitters floral silk scarf

Anthropologie poppies & pom-poms scarf

Jeffrey Campbell floral print wedges

Do you have a certain print or pattern that always catches your eye?

Wardrobe Obsession: High-Waisted, Wide-Leg Cords

I was obsessing over these high-waisted, wide-leg corduroys the moment they came into the store (Anthropologie) at the beginning of August. I was so excited, in fact, that I bought the fall fundamentals on a 98° day knowing that I would not be able to wear them for weeks.

The thing I love most about these seventies-inspired slacks is that they are unlike anything else I own; well, and the fact that they make my butt look good and my legs look long (thanks to the fitted elevated waist, ultra-long wide leg and the platform heels I must wear with them). It’s so apparent that these are my new favorite pants that my manager, Steve, pointed out to me that it was the second time I had worn pants in two weeks – since rarely am I seen in the same thing twice unless I really love it (sad…I know).

Check out all of the different looks I created with my new favorite cords and let me know which way you like them worn the most!

 With a Free People navy embroidered polka-dot silk top

With an Anthropologie ivory floral embroidered top

With my Leifdottir bird shirt

With an Anthropologie floral print perforated sweater

With an Anthropologie burgundy cotton top

With my Fear and Loathing graphic tee shirt and thermal

I love these pants so much…I even bought them in a second color when they went on sale (sick…I know).

With a Free People coral floral blouse

So…What’s your favorite look? Let me know!