Patchwork & Petunias

I must admit – I am pretty excited about this creative combination I recently came up with. Remember how I mentioned that all of the things I buy just seem to fit right in to my wardrobe…well, that applies to my new Jeffrey Campbell pieced leather Vaudeville Ophelia Platform “shoebooties” I got from Free People. I almost always melt at the sight of anything that has patchwork (soon to come in a Spotlight blog) and end up pulling out my wallet. Here is my first of many outfits with my latest shoe obsession.

I love everything about this look…

  • I love how the look contradicts itself with the classic silhouette & matronly floral print dress paired with the eccentric 5-inch platforms.
  • I love how all of the colors within the shoe blend perfectly with garden print of the sheath; in addition to how the mauve opaque tights I wear match the belt around the waist.
  • I love how the triangle shape within the ivory enamel necklace corresponds with the triangular pieced leather of the shoe.
  • I love how the shoes add an unexpected funky element to the otherwise mature look.
  • I love how intimidating these shoes look, but how surprisingly comfortable they are – yes, it’s true – for being a 2-inch platform and 5-inch heel they are shockingly comfy (justified by the fact that I ran around work in them for 8 hours last night).

I would love to hear about a pair of heels that add a “wow” factor to one of your outfits…


2 responses to “Patchwork & Petunias

  1. Hi, may I know where did you get this dress from? It is very lovely.

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