Trend Alert: Ponchos

I think ponchos are the perfect wardrobe piece to own this season. The cozy cover-ups are easy to pull off with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and riding boots. The scalloped shape provides a snuggly drape on a casual day out-and-about while slight sleeves still allow for mobility. I know I’ve posted about some of my ponchos in the past, so today I am focusing on my light pink knit pullover from Anthropologie. Of course, like I said, you can simply pair a poncho with skinny jeans, but here are two alternative ways to wear this season’s favorite silhouette…

The light pink poncho and olive green wool high-waisted shorts make the perfect pair because both hues are pulled from the Jeffery Campbell floral print wedges that the outfit is paired with (which are obviously the focal point within this outfit). A pair of ivory tights along with ruffle trim socks completes the look…and keeps your legs & toes warm!

This look takes texture into account – the light pink knit poncho with ribbed trim is paired with navy blue knit pants, a bronze metal mesh necklace and brown leather booties. The swooping hem of the poncho balances out the ultra-wide leg slacks; however, a fitted mid-torso underneath still shows of a feminine silhouette.


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