Leggings vs. Pants

I typically don’t try to pull off leggings as pants – but I couldn’t pass up these textured leggings from Free People. I somewhat feel like if you’re older than 12 or weigh more than 100 pounds you should stick to pants; but, I know leggings are a huge trend right now and I’m willing to reconsider my original point-of-view.

The leggings I picked out are not your ordinary solid spandex leggings; instead, they have an alternating taupe & charcoal stripe which creates a unique pattern and are made of an intricate knit that adds texture & dimension. I’m allowing the leggings to be the statement piece of the outfit so I am simply pairing them with a black tunic and black leather booties.


How do you feel about wearing leggings as pants?


One response to “Leggings vs. Pants

  1. Persephone Deacon

    I love the ‘leggings as pants’ look, it’s so in right now! I really want some textured, knitted leggings like the ones in the photo.

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