Horsin’ Around

Horses are one of my favorite animals. We had them on our farm when I was growing up and I rode in equestrian shows as a little girl. The large four-legged animals can be intimidating – but really they are kind-at-heart. I remember being scared of getting my fingers nibbled off while putting a bit in the horse’s mouth before a riding lesson…but all that would end up happening would be us nuzzling noses.

Maybe that is why when the Dressage Sweatercoat recently came in at Anthropologie I instantly fell in love with it.

The leaping stallion motif is unique; while the luxurious lambswool this oversize cardigan is created from makes it the best sweater for snuggling in. The soft touch and comfortable shape keeps you cozy while still allowing you to be stylish at the same time. I have only owned this piece for about two weeks and it’s the only thing I can think about wearing all the time. I love its versatility because I can either wear it as a sweater topping off a pair of leggings and shirt or I can layer one of my other cocoon sweaters over the top to wear it as outerwear. This sweatercoat seriously provides the warmth and comfort I haven’t had in anything else I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend you go out and get this comfy cardi…you won’t want to wear anything else once you own it.

I will always remember my horses growing up, Molly & Rudy, and my pony, Silver, who taught me how to care for something and could only show their love by nuzzling noses with me.


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