Not Your Basic Blazer

I would classify blazers as a very “classic” wardrobe piece. Since my personal style is far from “classic” it is no surprise that all of my blazers are anything but basic. I don’t wear the tailored pieces too often; but when I do, I want them to express my sense of style. Look at how I still showed my true fashion personality with these statement jackets….

The subtle pattern throughout this forest green blazer sets it apart from other similar solid-color styles. The ivory lace top layered underneath brings out the color from within the pattern; while the cognac woven buttons correspond with the cognac wide-leg cords the blazer is paired with. The mixture of textures, color and pattern adds an unexpected element to your basic business wardrobe.

The bold print throughout this blazer definitely makes it the statement piece. Because the colors and circular pattern are so pronounced it is smart to keep the rest of the outfit simple. A basic white button-down shirt and brown tweed A-line skirt coincide with the colors in the blazer and complete the look. A wooden sphere necklace accessorizes the outfit and adds yet another element of the geometric shape to the look.

The intricate pleating around the neckline and vivid color sure make this structured jacket stand-out. In this instance, the vibrant teal matches the shade within the vintage floral print of the sheer top. The detailed folds within this blazer will dress up shirt it is paired with.


Do you tend to stay basic with your business attire, or do you like to stand apart from your co-workers at the office?


One response to “Not Your Basic Blazer

  1. Adore these blazer tips. A blazer is such a staple piece to have in the fall and winter months. Thanks for sharing!

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