Identify your Fashion Personality Type

Yesterday in my blog I said my personal style was far from “classic”. That statement made me look back to the fashion journal I created in my wardrobing class two years ago. The 3-inch thick, 80 page colorfully bound book is a true reflection of me and my personal style – which was the objective of the project – to create a book that represented you without identifying it by your name. I put so much time and effort into the project (knowing I wasn’t even going to get a grade for it – because I had already graduated – yay! for free continuing education…yes, I surprisingly utilized it) and will cherish it for a lifetime; for the things I wrote in the book, stand true still today…

Here is what I originally wrote as a reflection on fashion personality types:

I have a dominant “dramatic” fashion personality type. While my outfits may appear to be thrown together; in reality, they are thoughtfully planned out. Throughout my wardrobe choices, I mix-and-match elements in a versatile way so that my looks are constantly changing. My color palette foundation is composed mainly of jewel tones – which is typical of “dramatic” type to wear deep, rich, bold colors. Furthermore, “dramatic” personality types tend to drape themselves in an array of fabrics including jersey, velveteen, faux fur and crepe. My closet is full of a multitude of different materials that allows me to add different textural elements to every look. As far as accessories; bangles, stones, and gold are a “dramatics” usual embellishments. My jewelry collection overflows with playful accessories like gold metal bangles, wooden bracelets, peacock feather earrings and statement stone rings that express my whimsical nature.

“Romantic” and “Sporty” are my secondary fashion personalities; and I could not agree more. I love to add-in soft hues and sheer, feminine fabrics, including lace and crochet to my dramatic outfits. When I’m not dressing up for an occasion, I appreciate comfortable clothing and often wear highly moveable pieces made of cotton.

Altogether, my results were very accurate; just as I scored highest in the “dramatic” category, I scored the lowest in the “classic” category; which is logical because they are opposite of each other within the various fashion personality types.


Exercise: Identify your Fashion Personality Type

Answer “yes” to only one of the following questions. Be truthful and choose the response that most closely represents who you are. Each question corresponds with a different dominant fashion personality type. Do you prefer lace, frills, and very feminine looks?

  1. Do you prefer basic styles that never go out of style?
  2. Do you prefer comfortable neutral color clothing?
  3. Do you prefer simple bright colors, bold shapes and patterns?
  4. Do you prefer simple shapes, solid colors and natural fabrics?

Send me a comment with your answer and I will let you know the results of which fashion personality type you relate to.


3 responses to “Identify your Fashion Personality Type

  1. Nice blog, love to watch again and again.

    Comment by

  2. I think I’m number 3 ;) I will be interested to know what is my fashion personality?

  3. i am a number 2

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