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Wardrobe Obsession: Olive High-Waisted Wool Shorts

Who says you can only wear shorts during the summer time? I cut this article out of People Style Watch, probably going on about four years ago, and the trend still exists today!

Whether it’s a pair of denim cut-offs with black near-sheer nylons, pinstripe cuffed shorts with contrasting opaque tights, or sweater shorts with a pair of pattern stockings you can continue to wear the traditional summer length throughout the winter months. This season I am all about wearing my olive high-waisted wool shorts. I usually pair them with ivory lace tights & lace-up booties or some solid mauve stockings with tall riding boots. Check out all of the different tops I paired with the pair of shorts….

Based off the idea of Nicole Richie’s outfit in the article, I topped a basic ivory cotton top with a cognac suede patchwork vest and paired it with my olive high-waisted shorts. Ivory tights and brown suede boots finish off the sequential look.

Burnt orange and olive green are classic fall colors, this combination is perfect for when the temperature just starts to drop (and hey, it even resembles a pumpkin).

My silk kimono top worn backwards and tied, the olive shorts pull out the hue from within the vintage floral print.

The floral print wedges are the statement piece within this look – and create the connection between the pink poncho and olive shorts. Opaque mauve tights and short ivory socks are worn with the outfit as well (both colors are also within the print of the shoe).

The coral poppy print top paired with the olive shorts is a creative color blocking combination. Worn with ivory lace tights; the silk, wool and lace is a unique textural combination.

A bright fuchsia crochet sweater adds a nice pop of color during the long, dreary winter and

I love this layered look; the feminine floral silk blouse contrasts with the masculine olive wool shorts and the plush fur vest that is layered over the top. Mauve tights and ivory leather booties pull the light hues from within the navy top.

Do you have a pair of shorts you continue to wear, even thought summer has ended?


Decorate Your Home & Accessorize Your Looks

Since Christmas time has come and gone;  it’s now time to take the ornaments off the tree, the stockings from the mantle and in my mother’s case, pack away the herd of Santa Bear’s she has collected over the years. It’s really too bad that some of our favorite festive décor we only get to display for a matter of weeks. As soon as we received the Recycled Paper Garland in at Anthropologie I knew it would come in handy in all sorts of ways, not only for the holidays but much, much more.

Check out all of the different ways I used my strand of recycled paper to decorate around the house…

Strung amidst the pine branches

Gathered around candles

…and now that Christmas is over,

I will wrap the paper strand around my neck to accessorize my outfits for the next 10 months…until it’s time to decorate for Christmas once again.

Hope you all had a Happy Holidays!

TO: You, FROM: Me

With all of the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season things can sometimes get a little hectic. So, in an effort to slow down and appreciate the season of giving; I took some time to make my own To: and From: labels to go atop my gifts. I turned on some holiday tunes, lit my Christmas tree smelling candle, sat down in front of my silver tinsel tree and stamped out some personalized present tags.


Each tag is different; it is unique in its own way with ink spots and imperfections. The letters are not perfectly lined up and the ink is not always evenly distributed…but that’s what makes each one special, just like those who receive the wrappings they top.

Remember – take some time to slow down, appreciate this holiday season, and enjoy spending time with the friends & family who love and surround you.

…now I just have to figure out how to get all of the presents I bought home on the plane.

Sweaters & Silk

I had a little fun mixing and matching some of my silk dresses with my chunky knits. I love the combination of the smooth, delicate silk and the thick, plush wool. I also like the fact that now I can wear some of my sleeveless dresses throughout the winter months. Check out how I stay cozy and still look stylish with these combinations…

The elegant sweetheart neckline peaks out from underneath the cowl neck sweater.

I just happen to love this combination…I don’t really know what else to say about it.

Subtly show a little leg through this sheer floral print silk slip that’s layered underneath the light pink sweater mini-dress.

This sweater skirt is such a statement piece with its thick material & bold pattern that it only makes sense to pair it with something lightweight like a silk slip.

Do you have any summertime dresses that you’d like to layer a sweater over so you can still wear it?

Wardrobe Obsession: Fur Vest

Every year come fall, my favorite outfit topper is my fur vest. It is the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit. Here are just a few ways I added a plush pelt (faux of course) to some of my looks…

I love this combination, however, I’m not sure if I could ever actually wear it…it may get a little too warm.

I call this my lumberjack look…(pretty obvious why I think) something about topping the classic red plaid shirt with the fur vest and pairing it with two-toned red & brown wool socks. I love the mix of texture within this look. The fur vest tops a cotton/silk ivory top and olive skinny jeans while a bright coral stone peaks out from underneath.

The fur vest breaks up the chambray/light pink denim color blocked outfit and carries the chambray shirt into the next season.

Adds a plush touch to this silk tunic/cotton maxi combination.

The vest adds a furry element to this feminine look. The ivory cardigan and tall stockings corresponds with the lace inset of the light blue silk slip while the brown suede boots coincide with the vest.

I honestly think fur vests can top anything; here I layered it over an ivory metallic motif front silk dress to add a little bit more texture.

Again, a little something extra over a silk floral dress

This dress represents spring growth…but why not wear it in winter as well, by simple covering it with the fall fur texture.

I love all of the contradicting elements within this look – the silk, wool & fur combination, the feminine floral silk blouse & masculine wool shorts, and wearing shorts in the winter (with tights of course).

Do you have a fur vest? What do you pair your pelt with?