What’s Keeping you Warm this Winter?

Last week I finally unpacked all of my cold weather clothing; I knew it was inevitable, but I still wasn’t ready for it. I am happy that I have made it to the beginning of December without having to wear my heavy-duty outerwear…however, I have a feeling my days before the first snowfall are numbered.

Spending my life in the Midwest, I have become accustomed to bitter cold temperatures and deep snow drifts. Even so, in the midst of the winter months when the mercury in the thermometer refuses to rise – I refuse to neglect my personal style. There are many ways to go about shielding yourself from below zero temperatures – but there is no need to neglect your fashion sense just to stay warm.

What type of winter coat do you wear out in the cold?

1. Do you keep it classic with a wool peacoat?

2. Or, do you take the athletic approach and stay warm in snowboarding gear?

3. Do you neglect fashion altogether and opt for a gigantic puffer jacket when it’s freezing?

4. Or, do you add layer upon layer to keep warm from the cold? (Thanks to some guys I work with they call this my ‘pigeon lady look’, like the woman in the Home Alone movie).

5. Or, do you make a statement while treking through the snow in a stand-out jacket?

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. You still want to look stylish while walking down the street or standing at the bus stop…even with the chill in the air.


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