Snip, Snip and Some Super Glue

Even though technology has evolved today into blogs, Google searches, and Pinterest links – I still like to keep it old-school and flip through the pages of glossy magazines, tearing out things that spark an interest in my mind. Every magazine I read I have to flip through the pages twice – once to actually read through the articles and once to tear out all of the pages of the things I like.  Whether it is an outfit idea or something I want to go out any buy, I always rip out random things that intrigue me.

As you can just about imagine, I have compiled quite a collection of clippings and it can be hard to keep track of everything. So, in an effort to stay organized I create collages. Not all of them are beautiful works of art, but they simply serve the purpose of keeping things in order…otherwise I would have overflowing folders full of random pieces of paper.

Here are a few examples of quick collages I have created over time…like I said, some are cut-outs of thing I want to buy, some are outfit ideas that inspired me, and some are fashion trends I wanted to try.

Collages don’t always have to take a lot of time and effort to create, but sometimes it is nice to slow down for a couple hours and formulate more intricate assortments. Here are a couple of more thought-out arrangements I created during random arts & crafts afternoons I set aside for myself…sometimes several hours with nothing but silence and a pair of scissors is the best way to escape.


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