Decorate Your Home & Accessorize Your Looks

Since Christmas time has come and gone;  it’s now time to take the ornaments off the tree, the stockings from the mantle and in my mother’s case, pack away the herd of Santa Bear’s she has collected over the years. It’s really too bad that some of our favorite festive décor we only get to display for a matter of weeks. As soon as we received the Recycled Paper Garland in at Anthropologie I knew it would come in handy in all sorts of ways, not only for the holidays but much, much more.

Check out all of the different ways I used my strand of recycled paper to decorate around the house…

Strung amidst the pine branches

Gathered around candles

…and now that Christmas is over,

I will wrap the paper strand around my neck to accessorize my outfits for the next 10 months…until it’s time to decorate for Christmas once again.

Hope you all had a Happy Holidays!


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