A New Year’s Challenge – Cleaning out your Closet

We are just a few days into the beginning of a new year and many of us have made resolutions to change something in our lives during 2012…or at least attempt too. Some people have started a workout regimen, some are determine to change their diet, and some people want to learn a new hobby.

In 2012, I am going to attempt to go through my entire wardrobe and, once and for all, get rid of the things I no longer wear. I often suggest to other people they should purge their closet twice a year, to get an idea of what they wear and make room for new things they purchase – but, I must admit, I have not been following my own advice lately. Since my apparel has now expanded to a double level closet and two rolling racks (I swear – I am not a hoarder!), I have put myself up to the challenge of going through everything I own and assessing what I still wear & what is just taking up valuable space in my closet…and beyond. I’d like to invite you all to join in on this challenge as well…

The first thing you have to do is go through and rotate the direction that all of your hangers are hanging in your closet – so they are hanging the opposite way that you regularly hang them. Like this:

Now, over the course of the next three months, whenever you wear something & go to hang it back in your closet, hang it the normal way you typically hang your clothes. In time, it should look something like this:

Then, in March, you will go through your closet and be able to tell what clothes you have worn over the last three months and which ones have remained hanging there. Everything that is still in the opposite direction hasn’t been touched since the beginning of January.

On a day you have off, pull everything that hasn’t been worn out of your closet and determine 1) why you haven’t worn it, and 2) if you’ll truly ever wear it again. Some things may be summer clothes that you will wear once the weather warms up; but, I bet you will also find some things that are outdated, some that show too many signs of wear-and-tear to ever be worn again and some things that can’t be worn again simple because they don’t fit you anymore.

After you have gone through everything, only put back the clothes that you know you will wear again – and be realistic (or else this exercise you’ve done over the last 3 months will be completely pointless). Don’t make excuses or come up with hypothetical situations. If you have to lose 10 pound to get the jeans to zip, face it, they are never going to fit. If it has a hole in it or is dirty, but you know you’ll wear it again then take it to the cleaners before you hang it back in your closet; it doesn’t make sense to have something in your closet if you cannot pull it off the hanger and wear it right away.

For the things you can’t bear to part with but you know you won’t wear again – whether it holds some sentimental value or you think you want to save it for part of next year’s Halloween costume, find somewhere other than inside your closet to store it. I think I am safe to say; you are not going to wear your prom dress out on a Saturday night, so there is no point in having it hanging in your closet.

For everything that remains, pack it up in sacks and drop it off at your nearest donation site. You may never wear it again, but you never know it may be just the thing someone else has been searching for.

It is a brand new year…take the time to clean your closet of the things you no longer wear & make room for the new things you’ll pick up in 2012!

Happy New Year!!!


2 responses to “A New Year’s Challenge – Cleaning out your Closet

  1. What a great idea with the hangers!! Must try…will try…

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