You’ve Got Mail

I checked my mailbox this morning and was surprised when I opened up the little door and an abundant amount of letters, magazines and newspapers were crammed into the little space. Now, up until this point I check my mail maybe once a week. The only thing I ever receive in my box is monthly bills and the occasional promotional marketing packs…and I can do without both of those. However, now that is all about to change – for Christmas I received a one-year subscription to WWD! Yay!

Now, for the common folk that means absolutely nothing; but for those who know fashion, it is equivalent to the CNN of fashion industry. Women’s Wear Daily is the daily media source for global men’s & women’s fashion across all markets from luxury labels to bargain buys. It delivers credible business news, key fashion movements, designer insights and retail & consumer trends in the market, among many other things. WWD uses a variety of credible sources from market analysts, manufacturers, designers and more to show different viewpoints from all aspects within the industry.

Anyone pursuing a position in the fashion industry should read this with their morning cup of coffee. It was key reading material when I was in fashion school and has been a paper I pick-up regularly ever since. Since I know not everyone can sign up for a subscription – I’ll occasionally give you bits and pieces of important industry happenings in my blogs to come.I’m looking forward to getting WWD in the mail 5 days a week for the next 365 days. I guess that means I better check my mailbox more often!


3 responses to “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Lucky you, it seems there are so many magazines people are telling me I ‘need’ to read if I’m going anywhere: WWD, ELLE, Vogue, Tatler, Hawkins Baazar, Foreign magazines etc, I’m so confused :S

    • Those are all very good suggestions. I have found that advertising takes up a majority of the fashion magazines that are on shelves today. I definatley find WWD to be the most informational in terms of what is happening in fashion on the business level – company mergers, failures, market trends, things like that. I like People Style Watch and Lucky for current fashion trends. Vogue, Harpers Baazar, ELLE are all good too to see the high fashion ads- but I is not my reality right now. Hope this helps!

  2. Grab your coffee and enjoy the reads!

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