Fashion has a Mind of its Own…Literally

I like this look for a day out-and-about because it’s fun, trendy and creatively put together for a casual day running around the city.

Often time’s people don’t put much effort into what they wear on their days off so they just throw on sweats to clean the house or do their errands. When it comes to this, I like to think of my version of the saying “You are what you eat” – that being, “You are what you wear.”

Think about it.

If you wake up and wear your pajamas all day you are most likely going to feel frumpy and have a low energy level. In reverse, if you put on a skin tight sexy dress for a Saturday night out; but you tend to wear things that are more slouchy, you are probably going to be fidgeting all night long and look uncomfortable. But, if you take the time to get ready for the day and put effort into an outfit that resembles your personal style I bet you will be more productive and feel confident in your own skin.


For this particular outfit, I paired an abstract anatomy graphic print tee with a pair of Nordic print wool shorts. Since its winter, I obviously embraced the shorts with tights trend to stay warm and completed the look with my brand new burgundy leather boots. (Side note: I have been searching for burgundy leather boots ALL season long and I finally found the perfect pair at Urban Outfitters for $19.99…originally $128.00. Score!)

I like the ease this ensemble gives off, but in reality it’s well-thought out; using the shorts as the statement piece in which the outfit revolves around. The taupe top, tan cardigan, charcoal stocking, and burgundy boots all pull from hues within the rich jewel tones in the shorts.

What do you wear when you’re not working?


2 responses to “Fashion has a Mind of its Own…Literally

  1. Love the look! Especially the shorts! Where did you find them?

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