Lots of Lace!!!

Out of all of the different types of fabric, lace is by far my favorite kind of cloth. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me because what I concluded when I did my Fashion Personality Assessment (Reference back to my post Identify your Fashion Personality Type) was that 1) my dominant fashion personality is dramatic, and 2) my secondary type is romantic.

Romantic fashion personalities emphasize femininity and the clothing choices typically include ruffled blouses, delicate lace & silk chiffon, soft cashmere, intricate embroidery, bell-shaped silhouettes and tulip skirts.

 I love the fairytale fabric because it comes in a variety of unique openwork unique patterns and adds a textural element to whatever it’s paired with. The feminine fabric can be incorporated into a variety of different looks from sweet-to-edgy and subtle-to-sexy. Check out some of the lace pieces I own that I can layer into my looks…

An ivory lace tank top…

that I liked so much I bought it in black too!

This floral lace blazer adds a unique finishing touch to any outfit.

This gauzy linen top definitely doesn’t lack any detail with its mix of lace and fringe.

This polka-dot lace top is the perfect layering piece.

This lace inset fine-gauge cardigan can be worn in multiple ways to maximize its wear.

This floral print tunic has…

a lace back.

Again, I liked this lace inset silk slip so much…

I bought it in both colors.

My taupe tiered lace crochet dress can be worn as a dress or pulled down as a skirt.

My ivory lace maxi,

and my ivory lace mini.

In fact, I love lace so much I even have an entire wall of it! My favorite part of my apartment is my wall of windows overlooking the city. The transparent textile provides the perfect amount of privacy but still allows the sun to shine through in the morning.

What’s your favorite fabric?


2 responses to “Lots of Lace!!!

  1. Solipsism Dreams

    i love every single item!


    Loretta xx

  2. i love lace, too! especially the ivory lace maxi. Where’d you get it? :)

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