Menswear Fall Focus in Womens Wear Daily

A major component of Women’s Wear Daily over the past week and a half has been the Menswear Collections coming out of Paris and Milan. Here are a couple clippings of what designers are showing off on the runway for their Fall 2012 collections…

I love Etro’s look that combines all the different prints.

Augh, Mr. Missoni’s look further solidifies my love for the designer label; regardless of if it’s men’s or women’s the line can do no wrong in my eyes! Mr. Cavalli isn’t looking too bad either. ;)

(Side note: Doesn’t that look like Spencer Pratt on the left??)

Can you pick out some of the reoccurring trends for this season within the different designers. Which ones do you think will convert from the catwalk to the city sidewalks? Here’s what the experts say…

I spot a lot of:

  • Double-breasted jackets
  • Shorter, tapered pant legs to expose
  • Mixing of textures
  • Rich colors
  • Playing with patterns

Send me a comment if you come up with any others, and let me know if you/your husband would consider wearing any of these?


2 responses to “Menswear Fall Focus in Womens Wear Daily

  1. Stephen Strebing

    Great BLOG!!! Love it!

  2. Purple is going to be HUGE for men next Fall. Love that Zenga sweater.

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