How is the Challenge Coming Along?

 Hey Guys! Sorry for being MIA lately, life has been a little hectic over the last several weeks and I so haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to my blog as I’d like. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my schedule will let up anytime soon, but I’m really going to try to put more focus on my postings. Anyways. I wanted touch base with you all and see how things are going with your New Year’s closet cleaning challenge! We are about a month and a half in so your closet should be looking something like this by now…

Are you sticking to it? I promise, if you do it will make your spring closet cleaning a whole lot easier! If you didn’t begin back in January it doesn’t hurt to start now. Then, by the time spring rolls around you’ll have an idea of what you wear and can clear out what you don’t…just in time to fill it up again with the new Spring and Summer stuff. Here is a link to the original post if you want to reread about how the challenge works… (


One response to “How is the Challenge Coming Along?

  1. I hope my closet will eventually look like this!

    Loretta xx

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