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Red Line Robbery

Well, my day got off to a rather rocky start today…During my morning commute to work, my wallet was so ‘gracefully’ stolen out of my handbag. I say ‘gracefully’ because I honestly didn’t even feel the sneaky little thief take it out of my bag that was tucked underneath my arm. I did feel a little ruffling of my stuff, but I figured it was just my bag knocking into someone else’s since we’re literally packed in the train car like a tin can of sardines. Every morning is exactly the same – I squeeeeeeeze onto the train and ride shoulder-to-shoulder with the 9-5ers, only apparently this morning I was standing next to a bandit…not a banker.

Now, I’m very aware of how sketchy Chicago Public Transportation can be, especially the Red Line subway, and I always make a conscious effort to be aware of my surroundings and protect my belongings. I’ve lived here long enough, and heard plenty of stories about people being robbed on the train. I just figured, if & when it were to happen to me, it would probably have been when I was riding home from my hostessing job at 2am, not going to my day job at 8am.

When I got off the train to transfer to my bus I realized the ruffling of my bag was not me rocking into someone else, but instead, me being robbed. My wallet was gone and I had 1. no transportation pass, 2. no cash, and 3. no cards to get cash. The oh so helpful CTA worker told me to call 311 to file a claim (aka the phone line that just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing…) and refused to give me a voucher to ride train back home. Thanks!..For nothing.

Thankfully I live within walking distance of where I was at and the 10 blocks helped me blow off some steam, but by the time I got to the bank to cancel all of my cards the thief had already managed to ring up a couple hundred dollars in charges at Target (I’ll bet money it was at the Target right off the Roosevelt Red Line stop…oh wait, I don’t have any money!)

After several calls to 1-800 #’s and signing up for identity theft services I think everything is pretty much wrapped up from this robbery. It looks like all that’s left to do is shop around for a new (studded) wallet and a deeper handbag…well, when I receive my newly issued bank cards in the mail.


Days of Our Lives Wedding Dresses

***Nerd Alert***

I must admit…Ever since 5th grade, I have been an avid Days of Our Lives viewer. Yes, I confess, I got sucked into the dramatic (and cheesy) storylines of rivalry, deception, psychosis and love triangles otherwise known as the everyday lives of Victor vs. Stefano, John & Marlena, Bo & Hope, Sammy/Lucas/Carrie/Austin, EJ & Nicole and many others.

Imagine my surprise when one of the exhibits at the Flower & Garden Show put us right in the middle of Salem’s Horton Town Square. On display were the wedding gowns that several of the characters wore on their “special day” of marriage (or 2nd, or 3rd…it is a soap opera after all!) Check them out for yourself…

One of Nicole Walkers many wedding dresses

Chloe Lane

Marlena Evans

Aunt Maggie

Every night at 10p.m. my TV channel changes to SOAPnet for my daily dose of Days…

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” 

Seven Ways to Style A Thermal

It’s mid-March and the unseasonably warm temperatures has made the time to wear thermals come to an early end. Traditionally, the waffle-textured top (and bottoms) are worn underneath an outer layer of clothing to provide additional warmth against extremely cold temperatures. Thankfully, thermal underwear has evolved from its original solid white color and now comes in a wide variety of shades, patterns, and printed graphics – meaning the next-to-skin layer no longer has to stay hidden underneath. Now, thermals are not only functional, but can be incorporated to create fashionable looks as well. Check out the seven completely different ways I outfitted my Free People gray Graphic Love Bug Thermal this winter…

Bright red skinnys add a pop of color during the cold, dreary winter months.

Over-sized overload! Nothing is more comfortable than a baggy cotton top and wide-leg knit pants.

All of the classic winter elements combined into one – thermal, wool sweaters and mixed suede & leather boots.

Layered under a brown leather moto jacket and tucked into a pair of high-waisted, wide-let gold corduroys.

Keeping it basic with a pair of charcoal skinny cords, a burgundy burnout scarf and riding boots.

A balanced mix of causal and playful – the perfect combination…at least I think!

Worn as a tunic with ivory lace-trim silk bloomers peaking out from underneath; topped with a velvet blazer this look is a little bit lopsided in terms of fabric distribution…but oh well!

Did you wear a thermal at all this winter to be fashionable…or just as a functional first layer underneath?

What’s your favorite way I styled mine? 

Flower & Garden Show Fashion

You know, fashion really can be found everywhere if you keep your eye open for it. I went to the Flower and Garden show here in Chicago with my mom and friend Melissa the other day and look at all of the fashion inspiration I saw amidst the floral arrangements and foliage….

Exhibit #1:

Within this display, the dress form serves as the foundation for the vegetation –

Check out the budding bodice on this botanical sheath,

How’s this for a horticulture handbag?

Dorothy’s red slippers don’t have anything on these prairie-style pumps!

Exhibit #2:

With the shrubbery shrugs and hydrangea hem lines, this cat walk could more appropriately be called a “garden walk”…

Us ladies, holding down the foot of the flowerbed –

(I tried to be festive by wearing a floral print scarf :))

Exhibit # 3:

Fundamental clothing construction was the core within this dining room centerpiece –

I had so much fun combining a day of family, friends, fashion and flower power!!!

 Try to keep your eye open for where fashion falls into your everyday life (you’d be surprised)…

In the mean time, stay posted for my upcoming blogs about how the flower clusters I recently saw have  inspire my (an possibly others) clothing choices…

Personal Style Pointers From the Pigeon Lady

I absolutely LOVE layered looks. Rarely do I leave the house with less than three layers of clothing on; between undergarments, a tank or two, a long sleeve shirt, then most often a scarf – I just keep piling on the pieces!!

Thankfully, it hasn’t been a terribly cold winter – so I’ve gotten by with wearing my favorite stallion sweater from Anthropologie layered underneath a Free People bell-sleeve sweater I’ve had for years. To finish it off, I cocoon myself in a huge oatmeal infinity scarf that my mother made and a pair of fingerless shearling mitts.

I admit…it’s quite a look – borderline homeless bag-lady, but I love it. My unique choice of outerwear has gathered some rather interesting comments from people I pass by on the street – including homely, eskimo, beggar and bum…but most notably, my coworkers now refer to me as the pigeon lady from the movie Home Alone whenever I bundle-up to brave the cold. Do you see the resemblance?

No matter what anyone says, I love my version of ‘shabby chic’ style and will never stop wearing it. Even as the weather warms, I’ll transition into my springtime haute & homeless look (the nickname I created for my outfits).

And hey…so I make a couple extra bucks from people off the street, can’t complain about that! :)