The Results – What was Wrong with the Velvet Blazer & Shorts

Thanks everyone for all of your comments! Here is what I think –

If the weather is warm enough out for you to be able to wear denim cut-off shorts you probably shouldn’t be wearing velvet anymore.

Certain fabrics are seasonal. Heavier, course fabrics like wool, tweed, houndstooth, velvet and suede are commonly considered fall or winter fabrics. Lightweight or sheer textiles like linen and seersucker tend to be worn during the summertime.

Now…I don’t stick to the “rules” set years ago like – you can’t wear white after Labor Day, your belt and shoes must always match, or you shouldn’t mix silver and gold jewelry. But, I do take them into account as a general guideline – I think it’s funny to see velvet on a 70° day, or flip-flops when there is still snow on the ground. Yes, I anticipate the weather warming up just like everyone else…but don’t over eager (especially if you haven’t freshened up your feet with a pedicure since being in boots all winter long).

Do you stick to the traditional fashion rules, or do you break them and set your own style?

Fashion should be fun.


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