Personal Style Pointers From the Pigeon Lady

I absolutely LOVE layered looks. Rarely do I leave the house with less than three layers of clothing on; between undergarments, a tank or two, a long sleeve shirt, then most often a scarf – I just keep piling on the pieces!!

Thankfully, it hasn’t been a terribly cold winter – so I’ve gotten by with wearing my favorite stallion sweater from Anthropologie layered underneath a Free People bell-sleeve sweater I’ve had for years. To finish it off, I cocoon myself in a huge oatmeal infinity scarf that my mother made and a pair of fingerless shearling mitts.

I admit…it’s quite a look – borderline homeless bag-lady, but I love it. My unique choice of outerwear has gathered some rather interesting comments from people I pass by on the street – including homely, eskimo, beggar and bum…but most notably, my coworkers now refer to me as the pigeon lady from the movie Home Alone whenever I bundle-up to brave the cold. Do you see the resemblance?

No matter what anyone says, I love my version of ‘shabby chic’ style and will never stop wearing it. Even as the weather warms, I’ll transition into my springtime haute & homeless look (the nickname I created for my outfits).

And hey…so I make a couple extra bucks from people off the street, can’t complain about that! :)


One response to “Personal Style Pointers From the Pigeon Lady

  1. Agreed! Love the layered look – it’s why I’m so happy that Autumn is finally here xx

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