Red Line Robbery

Well, my day got off to a rather rocky start today…During my morning commute to work, my wallet was so ‘gracefully’ stolen out of my handbag. I say ‘gracefully’ because I honestly didn’t even feel the sneaky little thief take it out of my bag that was tucked underneath my arm. I did feel a little ruffling of my stuff, but I figured it was just my bag knocking into someone else’s since we’re literally packed in the train car like a tin can of sardines. Every morning is exactly the same – I squeeeeeeeze onto the train and ride shoulder-to-shoulder with the 9-5ers, only apparently this morning I was standing next to a bandit…not a banker.

Now, I’m very aware of how sketchy Chicago Public Transportation can be, especially the Red Line subway, and I always make a conscious effort to be aware of my surroundings and protect my belongings. I’ve lived here long enough, and heard plenty of stories about people being robbed on the train. I just figured, if & when it were to happen to me, it would probably have been when I was riding home from my hostessing job at 2am, not going to my day job at 8am.

When I got off the train to transfer to my bus I realized the ruffling of my bag was not me rocking into someone else, but instead, me being robbed. My wallet was gone and I had 1. no transportation pass, 2. no cash, and 3. no cards to get cash. The oh so helpful CTA worker told me to call 311 to file a claim (aka the phone line that just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing…) and refused to give me a voucher to ride train back home. Thanks!..For nothing.

Thankfully I live within walking distance of where I was at and the 10 blocks helped me blow off some steam, but by the time I got to the bank to cancel all of my cards the thief had already managed to ring up a couple hundred dollars in charges at Target (I’ll bet money it was at the Target right off the Roosevelt Red Line stop…oh wait, I don’t have any money!)

After several calls to 1-800 #’s and signing up for identity theft services I think everything is pretty much wrapped up from this robbery. It looks like all that’s left to do is shop around for a new (studded) wallet and a deeper handbag…well, when I receive my newly issued bank cards in the mail.


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