Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Seasonal Switch has Officially Started…

After looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week, and anticipating this to be the final warm-up, I got a little ambitious today and packed away my winter jackets & cold weather accessories. I realize it’s already about to be May, but I feel like the weather the past few weeks has been so up-and-down. Last night it was cold and I was in my crochet wrap scarf…now this Wednesday it’s supposed to be in the 80’s.

It’s always a bit of a sad time for me to pack up my winter wear and store it away for the next seven months. Don’t get me wrong…I’m thankful the temperature is finally rising, but every seasonal clothing switch I look back at the coats & sweaters I love and wish I would have worn them more often (or at all in some instances).

For example, my black & white Valentino zigzag jacket, or as I call it, my “KA-POWW” coat (doesn’t it kind of look like those graphics you see in comic strips?)

Or my pink Burton snow bunny outfit that I didn’t get to wear AT ALL this winter! (I really need to plan a snowboarding trip somewhere next year).

Now I just hope the weatherman is correct about his 7-day outlook…and am not looking forward to next weekend, when I pack away the rest of my sweaters & seasonal stuff.


Stylin’ with the 70’s in Mind

I’m in love my most recent purchase from Anthro – a 1970’s-inspired coral silk blouse with floral print ivory crochet lace button-up back. Here’s a quick outfit I put together that accentuates some of the fashion elements from that era:

I paired my new blouse with a pair of high-waisted bell bottoms and mixed suede & felted wool platform wedges. I accessorized the look with a single jade pendant necklace, an armful of bracelets including a brushed gold ‘leaf’ cuff, a mixture of braided silk wraps & a thick recycled-leather band, and a pair of oversized sun glasses (that I got from a thrift shop – probably straight from the 1970’s themself).

Worn with a black lace bandeau, the crochet lace back exposes just the right amount of skin to be subtly sexy, and still comfortable.

But wait, it gets even better!…

My favorite thing about this blouse is that it can be worn backwards as well! Simply turn the top around and it can be worn open over a tank.

There are so many options for this seventies’ style top…Do you have something in your closet you can wear both ways?

My $6.00 Steal

Check out my most recent Urban Outfitters find! I bought this pink floral print romper last weekend for a whopping $6.00. What a steal!!!

….now I just have to wait for the weather to warm up to be able to wear it. Whomp.

My New Theft-Proof Tote!

In response to my recent wallet heist, I went out and bought myself a new handbag. This one has a top zipper closure – try getting to my stuff now with your sticky fingers!

Take that thieves!!!

One Outfit, Five Different Fabrications

I love mixing a multitude of materials when putting together outfits. Count all of the different textures I incorporated into this casual ensemble.

  1. Lightweight cotton
  2. Glossy silk
  3. Gauzy linen
  4. Soft corduroy
  5. Coarse Suede

How many different textures do you typically wear at one time?