The Seasonal Switch has Officially Started…

After looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week, and anticipating this to be the final warm-up, I got a little ambitious today and packed away my winter jackets & cold weather accessories. I realize it’s already about to be May, but I feel like the weather the past few weeks has been so up-and-down. Last night it was cold and I was in my crochet wrap scarf…now this Wednesday it’s supposed to be in the 80’s.

It’s always a bit of a sad time for me to pack up my winter wear and store it away for the next seven months. Don’t get me wrong…I’m thankful the temperature is finally rising, but every seasonal clothing switch I look back at the coats & sweaters I love and wish I would have worn them more often (or at all in some instances).

For example, my black & white Valentino zigzag jacket, or as I call it, my “KA-POWW” coat (doesn’t it kind of look like those graphics you see in comic strips?)

Or my pink Burton snow bunny outfit that I didn’t get to wear AT ALL this winter! (I really need to plan a snowboarding trip somewhere next year).

Now I just hope the weatherman is correct about his 7-day outlook…and am not looking forward to next weekend, when I pack away the rest of my sweaters & seasonal stuff.


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