Ahh…My Spring Season Switch is FINALLY Complete!

So, tonight I wrapped up my Winter-to-Warmth wardrobe transition that I began last weekend. I spent this past Sunday packing away the last of my chunky wool sweaters, suede boots, tweed, corduroys and cold weather accessories.

Springtime seasonal switches are typically very frustrating for me because I always run myself into a gridlock. After the initial warm-up, I try to pack away my heavy sweaters because I know I won’t wear them again for months. However, at the same time, the mercury in the thermometer hasn’t risen quite high enough to warrant wearing my lightweight linen pants, gingham check dresses or strappy sandals either. So, therein lies the problem, the problem I run into every year; there is no need for my heavy sweaters to take up space in my closet, but it’s still a little too soon for my summer stuff to take its place. Oh, the dilemma…and that’s not even to mention that my thick knits & extensive boot collection takes up a lot more storage space then the sheer summer fabrics & sandals they are supposed to swap out.

After a quick trip to Target for some additional storage totes, I decided it was time and dove into the switch (& considering Sunday was my last day off for the next several weeks I figured I’d better seize the opportunity – so on my next day off, when the weather IS finally warm enough, I can enjoy it.

Here are a couple tips I keep in mind every time I perform a seasonal wardrobe switch:

1.   Make sure all of the clothes you pack away are clean. Take the time to do any alterations/repairs, spot treating and dry-cleaning before storing your stuff. Stains set-in deeper with time; take care of them while they are still relatively fresh, not after they’ve soaked in for several months.

2.   When storing things for a long period of time, keep it folded in plastic bins rather than have it hanging.  Plastic creates a protective shield, while cardboard can soak, bend and break open, potentially exposing clothing to the elements.

  • Totes save space,
  • Clothing that hangs for a prolonged period of time can develop hanger marks and become permanently misshaped.

NOTE: Wire hangers are the WORST! Change them out right away to prevent any damage. Just because your clothes come back from the dry-cleaner on wire hangers, doesn’t mean your clothes should stay on them.  

3.   Pack things loosely to allow air flow. Stack heavier items on the bottom of the tote and lighter things on the top.  Why?

  • So the heavier clothes don’t smash the lighter fabrics or cause irreversible creasing,

NOTE: Do Not store anything folded that can be crushed and permanently damaged; such as fabrics like velvet or velour or clothing with detailing, such as intricate pleating (which could wrinkle wrong) or sequins (the beads could indent the fabric they are pressed against over time).

  • So when the weather cools again & you have to pull-out some warm clothes this fall, the things you need will be right on top and you won’t have to dig through the entire bin.

4.   Store stuff in a cool, dark, dry place; away from changing variables. Sunlight can cause fading, wetness attracts mold.

5.   The things you do keep hanging, store in fabric garment bags in the back of your closet – so they are still out-of-sight, out-of-mind in the off-season.

NOTE: Avoid storing clothes in plastic garment bags – which do not allow the fabric to breathe.

6.   Label your totes– it’ll help when you have to unpack things again in the fall, and it helps you know what stuff is where, in case you have to look for something that you stowed away mid-summer.

Hopefully the tips I’ve provided help you complete your season switch successfully and stress-free. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is also the perfect time to do some “Spring Cleaning” in your closet. Since your storing it away, go through your stuff and get rid of the things you don’t wear anymore. It doesn’t make sense to hang onto it for another year when you’re never going to wear it again. Instead, put together a pile to donate. I came up with two garbage bags to start and saved myself some storage space.

I’m glad my “Spring Closet Cleaning” and Seasonal Wardrobe Switch is finally complete…Good Luck with yours!


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