My Must-Have: DIESEL ‘Kasumi’ Dress

Every so often I come across an article of clothing, pair of shoes, or piece of jewelry that really catches my eye. Typically, if I manage to make it out of the store without purchasing my latest fashion find, but days go by and it’s still on my mind, I know it must be something I really like.

Months ago I fell in love with this tangerine orange raglan-sleeve dress I saw in the Diesel display window.

I walked past the window everyday on my way to work and every time I stopped & admired the Spring/Summer 2012 collection oversized outfit. I finally caved one day and purchased the last on they had in stock. It was a bit of a splurge (for a basic cotton sweatshirt dress) but a justified purchase factoring in that even after weeks had gone by, I just couldn’t seem to stop thinking about it.

Sadly, after finally getting it home I found a hole in in the top. I ended up returning it and thinking it just wasn’t meant to be. But another week or two went by and I still couldn’t stop thinking about this particular piece! (it actually got annoying after a while) I was kicking myself that I didn’t do exchange that day in the store and failed at multiple attempts searching for it on the internet (I forgot to take down the style name/number). Frustrated that I couldn’t find it anywhere online (and I thought you could find anything on the internet) I called someone at the Diesel store and found out there were only 4 ‘Kasumi’ dresses still in stock within the whole company. Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on one of them and have it sent to me. Now that it’s finally hanging in my closet, I can stop my endless purchase pursuit and start styling it!!

The colors in the scarf & dress coordinate perfectly to create this combination

Subtle & sweet, ivory silky lace-trim bloomers peak out from underneath in this over-sized ensemble

Even though summer has started and sleeveless dresses seem much more appropriate, I look forward to cool summer nights, walking along the lake and watching fireworks, knowing that I have my new sweatshirt dress to keep me warm.

Have you ever come across something that you just can’t stop thinking about? Did you end up buying it?


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