DIY: Create Your Own Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Denim cut-off shorts are a staple during the summertime and the best thing about them is that they’re free! Just take an old pair of pants that are too tattered & torn along the bottom to be worn and turn them into shorts. It just takes a few simple steps…

1.  Place a pair of well-fitting shorts over the pants you want to alter and pin the inseams together so they stay in place.

          **Make sure to line the crotches up perfectly or your end result will be much different than what you expect!

2.  With a ruler and piece of chalk mark, the old pant legs along the hem of the shorts.

          **For the most flattering fit, slightly angle the ruler so the inseams are a little longer.

3.  Cut the pant legs off about a ½ inch below your markings. Then, wha-laa…your all set with your new pair of shorts. Wash & dry them once then they should be ready to be worn!

            ** Taking natural fraying into account, the shorts will shrink a little bit (which is why that extra ½ inch is important).

Check out a couple of my shorts that have survived the chopping block…well, sort of…

I love playing my game of ‘Alterations At-Your-Risk’ because I have complete creative control over the project. Some shorts I’ve kept a little longer in length so I can fold them over, while others I’ve accidently turned into daisy dukes.

This particular pair has been part of my wardrobe since my sophomore year in high school. They once began as one of my favorite pairs of pants…despite much disgust among my family members. Every time I wore them, my father would always say, “It looks like we’re living in poverty and can’t afford to buy you a new pair of pants.” I turned to my grandmother on multiple occasions to make repairs and sew-in several patches; finally she said that was enough, she never wanted to see them again. What can I say, they were my favorite pair of pants…and now they’re one of my favorite pair of shorts. :) Yes, I bought them already mildly ‘distressed,’ but over the years, they’ve definitely become ‘destroyed’.

This is my next pair of pants to go under the knife…I hope they turn out alright!

Do you have a pair of summer’s staple denim cut-offs? Did you make them yourself?


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