My Must-Have: Boat Shoes

Well…I’ve officially worn the soles of my beloved moccasins down to paper thin pieces of rubber and have come to terms that they cannot/should not be worn out of the house again. Since I know there’s no replacing my favorite footwear, I’ve decided to go with a completely different style – boat shoes!

In terms of fashion, boat shoes are undoubtedly near the top of this season’s Footwear It-List. Their traditional design is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. The must-have shoes are perfect for a casual day strolling about and add a ‘cute’ component to any outfit. Their laid-back style is quick to slip-on and best of all –incredibly comfortable! (Dare I say equally comparable to my most loved moccs?!)

For my new pair, I decided to go with the brand that knows boat shoes best, Sperry Top-Siders. Since inventing the first boat shoe in 1935, Sperry’s have been the “staple for those with a passion for the sea.” The timeless originals have been given a fresh touch and now come in an array of colors, prints, textures and trends such as color-blocking & shiny metallic. Check out the wide variety of styles I had to choose from…
Out of all the options, I decided to stick with the classic Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe. The neutral basic definitely dresses up my daily style – which is about how often I wear them. (I guess I was able to find a replacement after all!)

Now that I’ve got my brand new boat shoes…I just have to find a boat. :)


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