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Another Look with the Argyle Skirt

I really have been all about my Anthropologie argyle maxi skirt lately. I styled it into 8 different outfits in my post last Saturday, combined it with my new silk slip in my post on Thursday, and now I’ve come up with yet another way I can wear it. It’s a bit of a bold look since both of the pieces are prints, but I think the combination works because both the top & bottom have similar colors within their construction.

What do you think?

My argyle sweater skirt styled with a purple floral print tank top from Urban Outfitters. I accessorized the look with the wooden-ball wrapped in lace necklace that I made and an olive upholstery tassel.

Now I have 10 different ways to wear my maxi skirt, I just have to wait for the weather to cool to do so…


My $5.00 Find!

As I mentioned in my post last Sunday night, my friend Melissa and I spent the day casually strolling around the city, stopping in a couple shops along the way. While browsing the racks at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store we spotted this silk robe tucked among some other styles.

Thankfully there were two of these too-good-to-pass-up pieces left …one for me & one for her. It’s hard to believe they were still there – based on the adorable antique motif, luxe fabric, intricate tassel detailing, and unbelievable price point – $9.99! (Originally $69.00!)

I recall seeing this silk slip in the store a few months ago, but passed it up at the time since I already owned a similar vintage floral print silk robe from Urban Outfitters.

However…for $9.99, I couldn’t let this vintage-romantic robe slip away from me this time around! I was even more surprised when I went up to the register and was told my total was only $5.46 – that’s an even better deal then I originally thought! (really, now who could resist?)

Check out a couple ways I’ve already styled my new frugal find…and I’m just getting started!!

The antique motif slip layered over a brick red top worn with Urban Outfitters ivory high-waisted paper bag shorts, an Anthropologie necklace and Nine West sandals.

Casually thrown over a Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” graphic t-shirt, denim cut-off shorts, a Free People metal mesh suede necklace and Anthro beaded sandals.

Layered over an Urban Outfitters ivory embroidered-front linen dress with a Free People stone necklace and cognac leather sandals.

Worn over a Free People taupe twist-front top with dark denim, an ivory beaded strand and Anthro lace sandals.

Worn with my Anthropologie argyle maxi skirt and a cluster of layered necklaces.

Covering up a Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister taupe crochet lace tiered dress, a knotted single strand of pearls and Steve Madden cognac leather pumps.

Which look do you like the best?

Have you bought anything lately at such a deep discount that you almost felt like you were stealing from the store?

Playing with Patterns

Once again, floral motifs and tribal prints have been two of the most popular patterns to wear this season. Since the styles seem to be sticking around for yet another year, I tried combining the two trends to create one outstanding outfit.

I love playing around with mixing colors, prints and textures to create looks that are a little bit out there. Sometimes they work out, sometimes…not so much. Here I combined a floral print tank top and tribal print shorts from Urban OutfittersWhat do you think?

Will I be able to pull it off…or do you think people will think I’m batsh*t crazy if I wear this out?

The key to wearing out-of-the-ordinary outfits like this one is confidence. As long as you’re comfortable wearing standout stuff out & about, then more power to you! You have to know that when wearing outrageous outfits such as this, all eyes will be on you. So strut your stuff! And when in doubt…just start talking to yourself and the way you look won’t even matter. :)

I’ll let you know what responses I get when I wear this, if you let me know what the craziest outfit you’ve ever worn out of the house is.

Such a Lovely Sunday

This photo pretty much sums up my day –

It could not have been a better day. First of all, I got to wake-up without an alarm clock. After getting ready for the day, I headed over to my best friend’s place to hang out for the rest of the afternoon. We casually strolled around the city with no plan in mind. For the first time in a long time, we had no set time we had to be anywhere and nowhere we had to be. We browsed in a couple neighborhood boutiques. Went to the guitar store and made plans to start a band – I picked up some fun new picks and a book that will hopefully inspire me to learn how to play the instrument like I intended on two years ago.

And if that fails, there was a pretty cool drum that caught my eye.  We sat on a sidewalk patio and sipped a couple Long Island’s while catching up on life and people watching those who were celebrating the Gay Pride Parade just down the street.

Walked around a bit more and stopped in a couple more stores – I picked up an amazing find (You’ll have to keep an eye out for an upcoming post to see what I got!) Then we finished off the night eating ice-cream in the park among the flowers and fireflies.

Oh, how I love days that involve…

  1. Best Friends
  2. Aimlessly wandering
  3. Rainbow colored people wearing barely-there briefs and feather boas
  4. Shopping with nothing to buy
  5. Caramel sundaes with sprinkles

Too bad it had to come to an end; no I have to wait six days to do it again. I hope you all were able  to enjoy  Sunday as much as I did!!!

Missed Opportunity: My Argyle Sweater Skirt

Every time I do a seasonal wardrobe switch, I come across pieces that I wish I would have worn more often. This time, as I packed away my winter wardrobe, I came upon my argyle sweater skirt from Anthropologie. Since I didn’t get to wear it as many times as I wanted before the weather warmed-up, I spent some time styling outfits with it – so that when Fall does roll around…I’ll have plenty of ways to wear it. Check out some of my options:

Keeping it casual with a light blue basic cotton tee from Anthropologie and a statement wood beaded necklace.

Again, the clothing stays basic with an olive cotton blousy Anthro top. The geometric linked ivory enamel necklace mimics the diamond-shape within the argyle skirt.

And with yet another cotton top – this one ivory with an embroidered-front floral print motif, from Anthropologie.

There’s a lot going on in this outfit. The argyle sweater skirt is worn with a Free People taupe twist-front top layered underneath a F.P. olive lace blazer. A knotted single beaded strand necklace finishes off the look.

Worn with an Anthropologie mustard yellow draped sweater and pearl necklace, this outfit is chic & sophisticated.

Paired with an ivory poncho from the GAP, the neutral hue stands out from within the patterned skirt. Belting it highlights the waist hidden underneath all of that fabric.

The sheer light blue silk with lace inset slip from Urban Outfitters is a nice contrast to the woven sweater material of the skirt it is tucked into.

Lastly, I pulled the skirt up and wore it as a strapless dress. I belt it to accentuate the waist and show that I still have a figure underneath all of the cloth.

***Note: I love doing this will all of my elasticized waistband skirts. It allows you to play around with your pieces and get the most wear out of what you own.

Which way is your fav?

Even with summer in full swing, I can’t help but look forward to a cool down – so I get a chance to wear some of these outfits!