Return of the Romper!!!

I’m slightly obsessed with rompers! They’re fun & playful, and a little out of the ordinary – just the way I like to dress. Their convenience makes getting dressed in the morning easy because all you have to pick out is that one-and-only piece. It’s essentially an entire outfit all in one; all you need to add is just a few accessories and your footwear.

There’s no contemplating what shirt you should wear with which shorts or trying on a bunch of different combinations before you come up with a choice for the day. I usually find it best to keep the rest of the add-ons pretty basic, since the one-piece already makes a strong statement.

The versatile jumpers can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for – they are cute with flats during the daytime or you can put on a pair of pumps for a sexy night on the town. Whether it’s wearing a onesie to work, while you’re casually out-and-about, or putting one on right before climbing into bed…I absolutely love rompers and think they’re the perfect addition to anyone’s personal style!

Here is my assortment of all-in-one outfits that I’ll be choosing from all summer long…

I think this little jumper I got from Urban Outfitters a couple years ago is absolutely adorable! Check out my past post, “Onesie, Twosie” to see how I wore it in more ways than one!

This romper by Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister reminds me of a mechanic suit – a more feminine version. The super soft fabric is unbelievable comfortable and it’s transitional style carries right into fall with a pair of near-sheer nylons. (This photo doesn’t do justice for how amazing this piece actually is!)

The intricately pleated bodice on this one-piece adds an interesting element to the otherwise Urban Outfitters cotton basic.

This dropped-bottom jumpsuit from Free People has been one of my favorite’s for years! I love the harem pant style and have nicknamed this my “wet diaper onesie” Stay tuned for an upcoming post about all the ways I wear it!

This is the most recent one-piece I’ve purchased from Urban Outfitters. It’s an updated version of my “wet diaper onesie.”

This charcoal grey cotton romper from Urban Outfitters is another versatile basic that can be dressed up or down.

This is my $6.00 steal I found at Urban Outfitters a few months ago. The floral print is playful, the silky fabric is soft, and the silhouette is super comfortable – what an amazing find!

This black cotton number from Urban Outfitters is the go-to swimsuit cover-up I reach for before heading up to the pool.

This silky taupe all-in-oneie is the perfect choice for intimate apparel. Who say’s you shouldn’t look cute before hopping under the covers.

These head-to-toe PJ’s keep me cozy during cold winter nights and kind of make me look like a candy cane!

Which one’s your favorite? Will you be rocking a romper this season?


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