Such a Lovely Sunday

This photo pretty much sums up my day –

It could not have been a better day. First of all, I got to wake-up without an alarm clock. After getting ready for the day, I headed over to my best friend’s place to hang out for the rest of the afternoon. We casually strolled around the city with no plan in mind. For the first time in a long time, we had no set time we had to be anywhere and nowhere we had to be. We browsed in a couple neighborhood boutiques. Went to the guitar store and made plans to start a band – I picked up some fun new picks and a book that will hopefully inspire me to learn how to play the instrument like I intended on two years ago.

And if that fails, there was a pretty cool drum that caught my eye.  We sat on a sidewalk patio and sipped a couple Long Island’s while catching up on life and people watching those who were celebrating the Gay Pride Parade just down the street.

Walked around a bit more and stopped in a couple more stores – I picked up an amazing find (You’ll have to keep an eye out for an upcoming post to see what I got!) Then we finished off the night eating ice-cream in the park among the flowers and fireflies.

Oh, how I love days that involve…

  1. Best Friends
  2. Aimlessly wandering
  3. Rainbow colored people wearing barely-there briefs and feather boas
  4. Shopping with nothing to buy
  5. Caramel sundaes with sprinkles

Too bad it had to come to an end; no I have to wait six days to do it again. I hope you all were able  to enjoy  Sunday as much as I did!!!


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