Playing with Patterns

Once again, floral motifs and tribal prints have been two of the most popular patterns to wear this season. Since the styles seem to be sticking around for yet another year, I tried combining the two trends to create one outstanding outfit.

I love playing around with mixing colors, prints and textures to create looks that are a little bit out there. Sometimes they work out, sometimes…not so much. Here I combined a floral print tank top and tribal print shorts from Urban OutfittersWhat do you think?

Will I be able to pull it off…or do you think people will think I’m batsh*t crazy if I wear this out?

The key to wearing out-of-the-ordinary outfits like this one is confidence. As long as you’re comfortable wearing standout stuff out & about, then more power to you! You have to know that when wearing outrageous outfits such as this, all eyes will be on you. So strut your stuff! And when in doubt…just start talking to yourself and the way you look won’t even matter. :)

I’ll let you know what responses I get when I wear this, if you let me know what the craziest outfit you’ve ever worn out of the house is.


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