The Perfect Finale to the 4th of July

Fireworks are one of my most favorite things!! They are so fascinating to me – the way the small canisters (well, probably not that small) create spectacular colorful explosions in the sky. Fortunately for me, Chicago seems to like fireworks just as much as I do – because all summer long they set them off two times a week.

Since I work on Saturday nights, I try to make it a point to go on a walk along the lake on Wednesday nights so I can sit on the pier and watch the beautiful display. I just can’t get enough of the colorful creations that explode like confetti & brighten up the dark night sky. And the loud booms, bangs & crackles that follow the bright balls of fire only escalate the already exciting show.

I think my obsession for fireworks may stem from when I was young. I recall my aunt (who worked at firework factory) would bring the prototypes of new fireworks out to our farm and set them off in the field. Clearly not legal, but fun for a kid – seeing a smiley face and the American flag explode in your backyard. Now, every couple years my family travels up to North Dakota to watch an unbelievable fireworks show put on by a number of pyrotechnic companies. The two-hour completely choreographed show is set to music and the timing is flawless. The thought & preparation that must go into a show of that caliber must be mind-boggling, not to mention what goes on the night of the event! Chicago’s 15-minute presentations clearly don’t compare, but I give the city credit for trying…and offering them up twice a week so I get to watch them.

Maybe if I hadn’t gotten into fashion, my future would have been in fireworks! Hummm…….

Happy 4th of July Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous day & finished it up with beautiful display of fireworks!


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