My Solution for when Heat + Humidity = BAD Hair…

Holy heat wave Chicago! It’s been hot & humid here in Chicago the last couple weeks (as well as everywhere else in the country). I don’t know about you, but on hot summer days like these…there’s really no hope for my hair. Some lucky ladies aren’t affected by it, others can causally throw their hair up in a ponytail and it looks good, me…not so much. So what’s my solution? Just hide it!

Hats are the perfect accessory for summertime when the high temperature and high humidity combine to wreak havoc on your hair. Check out the options I have when it’s just too hot for me to have good hair…

A basic fedora that goes with any outfit

Subtly infusing a little bit of the southwestern trend into my style with the patterned brim

Seersucker is the traditional summer fabric; everyone should own it/wear it in some way or another

As you know by now, I love patterns. This gives me another opportunity to add one more print to my outfit

Everyone girl should own a ridiculously huge floppy hat!

Going back to my roots of growing up on a farm in Minnesota – my wicker cowboy hat. Not something I pick from on any given day, but maybe if I go to a country music concert

My favorite – floral print fedora

How do you manage your hair when it’s just too hot & humid for you to handle?


One response to “My Solution for when Heat + Humidity = BAD Hair…

  1. cool hats!! I could do with a new one like these ;)

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