All Sale @ All Saint’s Spitalfields!!!

Forgive me for lacking in new posts lately! I had family in town two weekends ago, a hectic work week and friends staying at my place this last weekend. That said…I had little time (well, no time) to focus on my fashion blog! But, just because I’m not blogging, doesn’t mean I’m not continuously coming up with new content to write about; which brings me to the topic of this particular post.

While shopping on Michigan Avenue with my mom, we came across an amazing sale going on at the All Saints store. Well, actually, there were great sales going on at Topshop, Anthropologie, Zara…at one point, I actually thought Zara may have been going out of business because at least 75% of the store was all stuff on sale! A lot of retailers are trying to clear space for the new incoming Fall merchandise right now, which even further markdowns on already discounted merchandise and great deals for shoppers!

As you can see by some of my past posts: My $5.00 Find (, My $6.00 Steal (, My Recent Free People Find ( I like to get a good deal. Plus, after learning about the massive mark-ups on clothing in my college classes like Product Development, Buying & Global Sourcing and working in retail with an amazing discount for the last 6 years, I just can’t bring myself to pay full price for anything anymore.

So as I said, we went into All Saints (beautiful store by the way!) and everything was an additional 20% off already deeply reduced prices (essentially making it 70% off)! Check out some of the stuff I walked away with without emptying my wallet:

All-Saints Spitalfields Sunset Fringe Top

A fun fringe top – the Faded Ebony Sunset Top. My goal for the day was to find some black tops. I hate wearing black, I barely own any black, but since it is the dress code at one of my jobs I just have to bite my tongue and buy it.

All-Saints Spitalfields Knots Tee

All-Saints Spitalfields Knots Tee

This adorable top – the Blossom Knots Tee.  A hand embroidered crop top with the charismatic quote “The one whose hand I’m holding is the one who holds my  heart.”

All-Saints Spitalfields Siouxsie Cardigan

All-Saints Spitalfields Siouxsie Cardigan

Probably my best purchase – the Siouxsie Cardigan. Originally $175.00, I only paid $42.00 for this open stitch sweater!

In the end, I saved an astounding $341.00 by buying this stuff on sale. Sounds a lot better than the $535.00 I would have paid if I would have purchased it all at original price! Again, what a steal!

P.S. – The fringe top was the only black thing I bought all day! But I did find a really cute floral print high-to-low dress at Zara. Maybe you’ll see it in an upcoming post…


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