I’ve had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day…

All I can say is – WOW…What a day!!!

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems goes right and nothing comes easy? Well, today was one of those days for me!

***Let me set up the scenario:  I’ve had an eye infection for going on six weeks now. I’ve seen various ophthalmologists, optometrists, put multiple different drops in my eyes (including ones that ultimately made the infection worse), and was told that I had to wear glasses & could NOT put my contacts in going forward (glasses…I hate wearing glasses…I don’t feel awake when I wear them,  I find them uncomfortable, it’s blindingly sunny outside but with glasses on I can’t wear sunglasses, and when I want to cool off in the pool on hot summer days I do so at my own risk because everything is a blur – because I’m basically blind). Thankfully I went to SEE Eyewear a few months ago and bought new glasses (which was quite a process as well) so at least I have fashionable frames to wear as my new-found accessory. Going from only wearing glasses for about five minutes before bed to all day, every day I’ve had a hard time adjusting and feel like they just didn’t seem stay on my face. After stopping by the eye glasses shop every couple days to have my frames adjusted, seeing the same associates over & over again, and at some points spending up to 45 minutes twisting & tweaking them to make them straight, we finally just decided to order another pair & replace mine, which were bent beyond repair at this point. That brings me to today…..

This morning I stumped the cornea specialist that I went to see about my mysterious eye infection. He called in a second Doc for another opinion and we scheduled another appointment. With no real resolution, he added that this would be a process to clear up and I’d probably be wearing glasses for at least the next month (at least!?!)…till we figure out what it is & how to treat it. Oh, joy.

This afternoon I decided to quickly put in a claim for a new phone because mine’s been malfunctioning lately. Quick?? I think not! After multiple phone calls, being put on hold, transferred to different people, disconnected & having to reiterate my issues to a new tech each time (totaling up to probably near 6 hours of my day) I ultimately hung up the call with no resolution to the problem,  no new phone and furious. Great!

In an effort to brighten up my day and try to get something accomplished, I went to Free People to make a return and hopefully ease my rage with some retail therapy. I must say…that store never lets me down! I came across this adorable sweater jacket that just came in from the new Fall collection. Granted I won’t be able to wear it until it cools down in a couple months, I knew I couldn’t pass up this plush wool sweater covered in perennials…and hey, it made me happy in the moment.

Free People Floral Print Sweater Jacket

Free People Floral Print Sweater Jacket

After that I went to SEE to swap out my glasses. A stop I admit I’ve been avoiding, given I’ve often left frazzled with still ill-fitting glasses. But hey, at this point, could it really get any worse? Ironically, after popping my lenses into the new frames they’ve never felt better on my face. Augh, thank god. We didn’t even have to do the slightest adjustment to make them straight (let’s hope they stay that way!)

Now it is night, I remember that everyone has bad days… and I pray for patience tomorrow – when again, I engage in my pursuit for a new phone. Wish me luck! Or maybe better – luck to the one (or many) who will be on the receiving end of my call…

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!!


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