Cali Here I Come!

Packing always puts me in a predicament; I inevitably take too much stuff that I never actually end up wearing. My issue is that I often plan for the “what if”. What if I do this? What if I go here? What if it rains? What if it’s all of the sudden unseasonably cold? Well, what if you pack all this stuff and the airline loses you luggage? Either way you’re limited by what you bring (or what you’ll have to buy), so you must make the most of it.

I like to think of the ‘task of packing’ as ‘the art of mixing & matching’ at it’s finest – the important thing to think about when you’re pulling together your travel wardrobe is how many times you can wear what you packed. When it comes to shoes especially, because they often take up the most room, choose ones that are 1. comfortable and 2. can go be worn with anything. It doesn’t make sense to bring a certain pair of heels if they only go with one outfit, or your favorite pair of wedges you can only wear them with another. Think of your suitcase as prime real estate, what can you bring/how can you pack to get the most bang for your buck. **Even more important now, since you have to pay extra for your excess baggage! This is what I have to with…

Packing for a Trip

This will be my first trip to California! I’m looking forward to going to Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, seeing the Hollywood sign & the celebrity stars, and eating at In & Out Burger (even though I only get ketchup on my burgers). Aside from a little sightseeing & visiting my friend’s hometown, we’re also going to Hard Summer Music Festival! Yay!! It’s been awhile since my last legit relaxation vacation & I’m looking forward to this seven day escape from reality! Here’s what I’ll be wearing while I’m out there…

My airport outfit –

Ivory Maxi Skirt & Floral Print Tank TopIt’s important to dress in layers when traveling; even though it’s 85° here & I’ll probably work up a sweater dragging my suitcase to the airport (bus – walk a couple blocks – transfer to train – walk some more) it’s usually chilly once you get in the airport & on the plain. There’s nothing worse then being on a long flight when you’re freezing cold and all you have to cover up with is the creepy fleece blanket the flight attendant gave you. I’ve decided to wear my ivory maxi skirt, a floral tank with a tan lightweight cardigan over the top for when I get cold, and my plaid fedora (so it doesn’t get crushed in cargo).

A couple casual shorts & shirts outfits for sightseeing –

A Basic White Tank Top with Tan Trouser ShortsA basic white cotton tank top with tan trouser shorts and flops for running around in.

A Basic Charcoal Tank with Striped Sailor ShortsAnother basic charcoal tank with my new ($9.99) striped sailor shorts from Urban Outfitters.

 My festival fashion –

Free People Double-Layered Dress & Suede Cross-body BagMy Free People double layered dress. This  striped cotton dress is the epitome of effortless summertime style, perfect for an afternoon under the sun listening to live music. Worn with it a cross-body bag so I don’t have to hold onto anything and my purple shoes (I’ve worn these shoes to every concert I’ve been to; they’re cute, comfortable, and keep my toes from being crushed in the crowd)!

Floral Print Tank Top, Navajo Shorts & Leather Hip PouchI’ve decided this is the place to debut my dynamic mixed floral print & Navajo shorts outfit – the one I mentioned in my post “Playing with Patterns”, I figure if it’s going to be accepted anywhere, this is the place! Music & fashion go hand-in-hand, they’re both a combination of creativity & expression. Some of the most unique outfits I’ve seen have been at music festivals. I’m wearing this with my leather “fanny pack” so again,  I can be hands-free…and of course, my purple sneakers.

A dinner date outfit for an evening out –

Anthropologie Blue & Yellow Plaid Silk Strapless Maxi DressI don’t get dressed up and go out often, so this may be my opportunity to wear my Anthropologie blue & yellow plaid silk strapless maxi dress this summer.

A couple more outfits for when we’re out-and-about –

A Basic Tank, Antique Motif Silk Slip & Denim Cut-OffsYet another basic tank underneath my ‘antique motif’ silk cover-up with denim cut-offs and comfy lace sandals.

Ivory Embroidered Front Cotton Top with Denim Cut-Offs, A Plaid Fedora & Open Stitch ScarfAn ivory embroidered front cotton top with denim cut-offs, my plaid fedora & an open stitch scarf (that I also just about at UO for $9.99).

Chevron One-Piece Swimsuit & Denim Cut-OffsWhen we go to the beach, I can camouflage my one-piece swimsuit under my denim cut-offs; this makes it look like I’m just wearing a regular top (and if I want I can throw on my silk slip as a cover-up).

Taupe Twist Front Tube Top & Denim Cut-OffsMy Free People taupe twist front tube top, denim cut-offs & Jeffrey Campbell floral print wedges.

Remixing Some of the Pieces I packed –

A Charcoal Basic Tank and Ivory Lace ShortsThe charcoal basic tank with ivory lace shorts & my Jeffrey Campbell wedges (they’re clunky – I have to wear them a couple times to validate bringing them with on my vaca).

Floral Print Tank Top & Ivory Lace ShortsThe floral print tank top worn with my ivory lace shorts

As usual, I threw in a couple more sheer tops & onesies “just in case” :) Thankfully is summer & I’m going to Cali – so all of the clothes I packed are pretty little & lightweight. Surprisingly, even after throwing in the last minute additions, I still had room in my suitcase for more! But I left that open, because – what if I shop a lot while I’m out there!?

If you know of something fun I should do while I’m out there send me a comment…otherwise I’m off to Cali until next week! See ya…………..

P.S. Do you tend to over pack when you go on trips? Or are you good at rationing down to only what you need?


One response to “Cali Here I Come!

  1. Cute, cute, cute! One thing to think of – LA is in a desert place with low humidity. That means that the temperataure can drop quite a bit at night (down into the 50’s).

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