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These PJ Pants are for the Street…NOT just in Between the Sheets!!

I typically don’t condone wearing pajamas pants outside of your house…but these Free People silky blossomed bottoms are definitely an exception!

Free People - FP One Pacific Trails Pant

I just bought the FP One Pacific Trails ivory floral patterned wide-leg pants for only $18.00, originally $98.00! These silky lounge pants are perfect for a low-key night in with your special someone OR they could pass on the streets for a night out on the town. Check out just a few of the ways I styled these slacks so they could be worn outside the home…

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Olive Open-Stitch Sweater Worn with a Free People olive green open-stitch sweater and a couple layered necklaces.

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Burgundy Top Worn with an Anthropologie burgundy billowy top and accessorized with an ivory geometric necklace and patchwork leather Jeffrey Campbell booties.

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Brown Sweater Worn with an Anthropologie brown lightweight wool sweater.

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Taupe Button-down BlouseMy favorite – worn with an Urban Outfitters taupe silky button-down blouse knotted in the center and a couple strands of pearls. Surprisingly, the silk-on-silk combination is not overkill because the bottoms have more of a textured crepe effect to them, while the top is smooth with a subtle sheen.

These pants have only been part of my wardrobe for a couple days and I already see even more outfits that I can create with them!

Which one is your favorite so far?

Again, the Free People PJ pants I just bought are not only comfy, but also cute. They’re acceptable to wear around in public…these on the other hand – are NOT!!!

Victoria's Secret Pajamas Pants

P.S….Do you think it’s OK to leave the house in your PJ’s?


Fashion Face-Off: Casual Day Off vs. Casual Friday

I’ve taken my Jack by BB Dakota tan trouser shorts and dressed them up & down for two completely different looks. Which one do you prefer?

Jack by BB Dakota w White Ribbed Cotton Tank Top

1. Worn with a basic white ribbed cotton tank top this outfit is perfect for a casual day out-and-about around the city.

Jack by BB Dakota w Billowy Burgundy Top

2. Worn with a billowy burgundy top and a geometric enamel necklace, now this ensemble is a little more work appropriate – well, for a ‘casual-Friday’.

Which way would you wear it? Or did you have another way to wear it in mind?

What’s Your Favorite Fashion Magazine?

September is one of the most important months when it comes to fashion magazines. Despite the print industry’s recent decline in numbers lately due to the ease of looking things up online; the mass media publications continue to produce text-size style guides for fall fashion.

September 2012 Fashion Magazine Covers - Vogue, Lucky, W Magazine, People Stylewatch..

“Fall Smartest Buys”, “629 NEW FALL LOOKS!” and “10 Trends You Can’t Live Without” are just some of the tag lines the glossies use to get you to buy when you’re standing in line at the checkout. The mags recap the runway shows, highlight the emerging fashion trends and offer great shopping tips & tricks for where to find the best buys for fall. They are the go-to guides for what to wear to ensure you’ll be in-style this upcoming season. Each one has its own format – mood boards, stylist’s insights, top 10 lists or pictorial examples.

Personally, I prefer People StyleWatch and Lucky magazine. It’s probably wrong of me to say this (being that I’m in the fashion industry), but I’m not a huge fan of Vogue. I often find all of the luxury advertisements and lengthy articles unappealing to flip through. I’m a very visual person and like to pull inspiration from the pictures I see, so all of that text sometimes turns me off. Also, at this time in my life, I don’t find myself in the same category as all of the luxury lines that typically cover the pages. Yes, I look to see what the high-fashion designers send down the runway every season, but I don’t have the bank account to actually afford buying into any of the collections. One day I’ll be able to buy the expensive lines…but right now, I’m just trying to make my rent!

I can’t wait to see the results!!!

P.S. I’m on the hunt for the August issue of People StyleWatch. I accidentally threw mine away before tearing out some pages I wanted for inspiration. And since the September issues have come out, I can’t find it anywhere! If anyone has one please let me know…

Girl Goes Grunge

I must have been channeling different emotions when coming up with this ensemble. But there’s something I like about this bipolar blend that’s both girlie and grunge.

Urban Outfitters Light Pink High-Low Skirt with Destructive Tendencies Tank & Horse Scarf

Urban Outfitters Light Pink High-Low Skirt with Destructive Tendencies Tank & Horse Scarf

Urban Outfitters Light Pink High-Low Skirt with Destructive Tendencies Tank & Horse Scarf

I topped my new light pink tulle & lace high-to-low skirt from Urban Outfitters (originally $99.00, I got for only $11.99!) with my old “Destructive Tendencies” tank top and black fringe sandals. Then, just for the heck of it, I threw on my golden yellow stallion scarf.

What do you think? Do you ever think your style gets a little schizophrenic sometimes?

If I Can’t go to the Beach…I’ll Just Wear One

I’ve been feeling a little guilty that we’re nearing the end of summer and I have yet to spend a single day at the beach. I really have no excuse – the weather has been great, I only live a few blocks away from the lake, and Sunday’s are my day off to do whatever I please. But when I want to soak up the sun, my rooftop pool always seems so much more convenient; all I have to do is hop on the elevator and head up. I don’t have to lug my stuff down the street, stake claim on my shore-front spot, or check the E Coli levels of Lake Michigan to see if it’s even safe to go in the water.

My Rooftop Pool

I do love the feeling of sand between my toes…but I also hate tracking all those tiny granules back home with me! To make up for my lack of time spent by the shore I decided to showcase it in my daily style…

Anthropologie Inkjet Halter Dress - Silk Beach Print Sheath

Anthropologie Inkjet Halter Dress - Silk Beach Print Sheath

I just bought Inkjet Haler Dress on sale from Anthropologie for around $30.00, originally $168.00. With its panoramic blue tide, ankle waders and mixture of vintage-inspired floral stripes, the silk blurred print sheath is something a little different from your standard dress.

It was one of my season’s favorites because its playful print and comfy silhouette are the epitome of effortlessly chic summertime style – it is the perfect balance of feminine and fun! I topped the quirky beach-front dress with a tan cocoon cardigan when it cooled down and a pair of maroon sandals that picked up the shade within one of the prints.

Anthropologie Inkjet Halter Dress - Silk Beach Print Sheath

Do you ever make a splash with your personal style by wearing a peculiar statement piece? I’d love to hear what it was!